You can have a large amount of possessions, enjoy an abundance of success. You can succeed financially and live a life, full of the condition of enjoying wealth, success or good fortune. I want you to have great wealth and live the life of ease; I want you to be characterized by more than plentiful quantity of all you desire and lavish display of affluence. Enjoy it!

You are wealthy! You have goods, property and money in abundance. You live in a state of good fortune and especially of financial success. You are enjoying economic well-being. You have enough and to spare. Have ability to exert effort for a purpose, the ability to withstand force or stress without alteration of position and without material change. Be full of worth that is a tidy sum which parade the wares of your good personality. Exercise authority and be a celebrity; guard your life with fame and fortune.

Increase your worth of esteem and have deferential approval of those in authority. Make your efforts useful and lucrative; fill the bill of your exigency and deficiency. Be truly industrious and meet directly with the right and everlasting glory of the higher life. Build integrity that is absolutely acceptable and beyond nit-picking. Have peace of mind always, have a good report that is a symbol of distinction. Believe in yourself and do not use your influence to deceitfully gain a moneymaking status.

Come to a level where all your needs are met! Create an extra-ordinary lifestyle of succeeding in accordance with your desires through your unambiguous, acceptable, exact and defined goal of wealth and power. Have a comprehensive plan and execute programmes that will enable you accomplish your goal.

Put revived and refreshed life to your dreams, fill your deepest being with reinvigorated inner-nature. Do not be one whose conduct is guided more by ideals than practicalities; turn every creative power of imagination into into being or existence, as opposed to an imaginary, idealized or false nature.

Be positive and productive; assent intellectually to your vision proposed as true which has a firm foundation in truth and empower yourself with ability that is real. Be marked by a strong, courageous and audacious belief in yourself and your capacities. Have the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from your chosen course of action. Have willingness to challenge assumptions or conventions or tackle something difficult or dangerous.

Make every thing good; you have immeasurable mindset, all you need to achieve all you want is within you. Be joyfully enthusiastic to accomplish your dreams. Make progress in the direction of rolling in money and exhibiting your being outstanding and superior in connection with your greater force. Take your sentient energy and conviction higher. Do your best and get the show on the road of the good life. You can do it! Believe in yourself and achieve it. Live the upward and forward life, live the good life with the greater light as you increase your large amount of money or possessions.

Copyright © Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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Chiyson is Author of many Best-Selling Books, including The Sagacity of Sage. Get your copy at Chiyson is also a poet, Inspirational/Financial Speaker and Business Consultant who set his gaze lucidly and his wit sharply to issues that affects the economical, social and spiritual development of individuals; enabling them live a beautiful life in this wonderful world. He is the Chairman/CEO of Chiysonovelty International, Founder/President of Chiysonovelty BookClub and a trained Computer Scientist and Electrical/Electronics Engineer who empowers the REAL youths to greet the GENIUS in themselves. His New Released book - It is TIME to get Very RICH, published by AuthorHouse is all you need to be ahead of the game in the business world. Order your copies at