More Australians appear to be paying off their minimum credit card debt each month, if one survey is anything to go by.

People who are suffering from credit card debt might like to take heed of advice from one writer.

In a piece for the Herald Sun, Karina Barrymore pointed out those who do not get their Aussie credit arrears under control may face a lifetime of being in debt.

But she noted there are positives in the country as it appears more people are opting to pay off a bigger chunk of their debts as figures from the Citibank have revealed nine per cent paid the minimum on their credit cards last year, but three years ago this number stood at 17 per cent.

What's more, people seem to be spending money on their credit products more wisely as previous research by the organisation showed individuals are spending on essential bills instead of luxury items.

The Citibank added: "These people could be said to be playing catch-up because they do not have sufficient cash flow to pay all their bills and are being charged high rates of interest in order to cover them."

What's more, these comments come after the Daily Telegraph revealed last month there have been more credit cards approved in Australia than ever before.

The publication pointed out there was 14.8 million of the products sanctioned, although the report also noted there was a collective debt in the nation close to the $49 billion mark.

And one way to avoid getting into financial issues with a credit card is to pay it off at regular intervals instead of letting the debt build up.

Consumer Action Law Centre co-chief executive officer Carolyn Bond stated some people have come to her company with massive arrears.

She added: "Many are being sued or have debt collectors coming after them. They are getting in real trouble because they simply cannot afford the repayments."

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