Countless well meaning individuals eat and exercise well and get into a great routine and then something happens. It could be anything from a night out, a flat tyre, a holiday, Christmas! Anyway this event throws out your healthy eating plan/regime sometimes only for 1 day but it can have a big effect.

It's all or nothing for a lot of people they eat well and then due to one of these events they have a chocolate bar for example. They then think oh well I've had one diet's over I can eat what I want now. 2 months later they've put all the weight back on and now it's time to diet again, until the next setback. This isn't the best way to do it.

An example of this was with one of my clients she had been on holiday eating badly. She came back and told me that she felt liked she'd aged physically, her skin was terrible, she felt bloated, looked pale and also had put on 6 pounds in a week.

I got her back on the wagon and one healthy week later she was back feeling great again. Imagine if you could do this every week? Well a lot of people do, they are probably the people you see at work with loads of energy and with a smile on their face.

Whereas there are a lot of people that live their life like they're on holiday! Every meal is a treat, eating out is a common occurance. I know some people eat out THREE times a day!

They say it's easier than cooking at home. (of course it's easier, can’t argue with that). Food is the most powerful POISON in the world.

The stuff which lead my client to feel awful was:

-No exercise

The stuff which brought her back into balance and made her GLOW again was:

-No sugar
-No alcohol
-No crisps
-Intermittent Fasting
-A couple of training sessions
-Lots of green vegetables and proteins

Of course that’s all easier said than done - it's what I teach on my programmes especially if you are a bit naughty with your food from time to time, like me and most of my clients.

So try and do a lot less of the things which made my client feel awful and instead do a lot more of the things which made her feel great again.


Rich Clarke

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