If you’re desperate to get your ex to return your calls, you may be on a wild search for the magic bullet. I don’t know anything about magic, but I do know a lot about how to get an ex back. Maybe you’re not quite expecting to get back with your ex, but you just want him (or her) to return your calls and texts. That’s a great place to start and, lucky for you, I have a little secret to share. There’s no magic to this, but it works so well that you’ll feel like you’ve cast a spell on your ex.

The information I’m going to give you is step one of master plan that I personally used to get my ex back. In fact, thousands of people each day use it to turn their bad break up into a makeup. If you successfully get your ex on the phone with step one, you better make sure you’re equipped with the entire plan. If not, guess what happens. You’ll screw things up 1,000 times worse than they were before.

I reiterate…You absolutely do not want to say the wrong thing once you get your ex to return your calls, so consider using the full relationship repair program before doing what I suggest here.

You Have Been Warned!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start by telling you what not to do. Most people try to get an ex back with one of two very bad tactics. They happen out of sheer desperation and it almost NEVER works. Moreover, these techniques have been known to push an ex even further away, which means more heartache and pain. Never, ever do the following:
1) Begging & Pleading – This one goes something like this:

"Please, please call me Pat. I can’t live without you. You’re all I have in this world. I’ll do anything you ask. I called you 20 times, please stop ignoring me."
It's the oldest trick in the book and it almost NEVER works. It makes you look unbelievably desperate and unattractive to your ex, so please take heed and don't waste your time.

2) Urgency Push—This can also be called crying wolf. "Alex, call me as soon as you get this. It’s an emergency. Call me right away."
If you leave a voicemail or text your ex with a fake crisis, you’ll definitely regret it. If you don’t get a call back, you’ll feel devastated that your ex didn’t respond to your so-called emergency. If you do get a call back, your ex may hang up and change his/her number to shut you out forever. Hopefully you can see that the risk here is far too great.

So now that you know what not to do, let’s move on to the secret of how to get your ex to return your calls. Anytime you want to capture someone’s attention, remember these two very important facts:

1) People are curious.
2) People have egos.

I’ll share with you how I used this to get my ex back after a breakup. The voicemail went something like this:

“Hi Taylor. Thank you so much for what you did for me. I really appreciate it. Give me a call so I can thank you in person.”

Can you see how a short, sweet message like this taps in to a person’s egotistical and curious nature? Your ex will wonder what on Earth you’re talking about, while at the same time enjoying a sense of self-importance. With or without knowing what you’re thankful for, your ex gets to feel a very positive vibe. The best thing is that a call or text from you created that vibe. You’re on the right track.

Now here’s the catch. You need to know what you’re expressing your gratitude for. The last thing you want is for your ex to return your call only to hear you say that this was a trick. So, think of something that’s believable even if it’s quite small.

So now you know the gist of this thing. Don’t forget that what you do before and after this message or text is even more important than the message itself. If you really want to rekindle the relationship, rather than screwing things up after getting your ex to return your call, equip yourself with a winning plan to help you get back together with your ex.

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Nea is the author of the relationship advice site, Relationship Saga and the self improvement blog, Self Improvement Saga. She offers amazing insight on relationship repair, personal development, and living the best life possible.