Are you frantically looking for ways on “how to get your ex to want you back?” Did you make a horrible mistake and your left had enough and just left you?

The truth is, sometimes relationships don’t work for the best. No matter how perfect it is at first, sooner or later you and your partner will be facing problems. Mistakes will be made and one of you will leave the other. One of the best solutions when it comes to “how to get your ex to want you back” is make them miss you.

1. The do not call rule

Everyone knows this rule. If the breakup is recent, it’s best not to call, email, text, and stalk your ex. If you want your ex to miss you, then you need to disappear. Chances are, your ex will not be in the mood to talk to you and you’re only making your situation worse if you keep calling them.

2. Avoid feeling sorry for yourself

Yes, you feel bad because you made a mistake and it cost you your relationship. But spending all your time locked up in your room and sulking will not accomplish anything. You’re not going to win your ex back if you continue feeling miserable and sorry for yourself.

3. Don’t nag

Don’t keep apologizing to your ex or telling them that you love them. Apologize then give them some space. They’re going to grow tired hearing the words “I love you” and “I’m sorry” if you keep repeating them. Also, those words will lose their meaning and your ex will stop believing in your apologies.

4. Focus on yourself

You need to find a way to bounce back. Try focusing on yourself instead of the breakup. If you want your ex to miss you, then you need to get a life. Make the necessary changes to be a better person. That way, when your ex sees you again, they’ll be impressed with this new and improved version of you.

5. Hang out with friends

You can’t go through a breakup alone which is why you need to go out and spend time with your friends. It’s time for you to have some fun so that you can get your mind off things. Besides, if you’re occupied having fun with your friends, then you won’t be thinking about calling your ex.

6. Keep it light

If your ex calls you or if you see him or her, then make sure to keep the conversation light. It’s essential to talk about non-committal things. Don’t steer the conversation towards the breakup or anything that will ruin the mood because it might bring out bitter feelings. Right now, just enjoy each other’s company.

7. Forgive and forget

If you want your ex to want you back, then you need to make sure that you’re no longer harboring any negative feelings. You should be able to forgive yourself and at the same time, forgive your ex if they ever hurt you.

Keep in mind that the secret to “how to get your ex to want you back” is to make sure that they miss you. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and focus on regaining your self-confidence back. Own up to your mistakes and don’t be afraid to make the necessary changes.

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