So you messed up and find yourself losing your marriage. Nonetheless, realize that nearly all of shattered relationships can be repaired if you are prepared to put a real effort into it and here's the first essential three steps.

When a marriage ends, not only does it shatter two lives but also those who were at one point or another involved in the union-from the children, to the in-laws as well as the his and hers friends who once upon a time joined the rest of the world in toasting to the success of your being bonded for life. That could be one of the reasons why you would end up asking yourself questions like how to get your ex wife back. Here are few tips that might help you in doing so.

Ask for Forgiveness

First, take the time to say sorry, not only for the things you did but also for those you failed to do-whether it’s failing to appreciate her or failing to remind her how special she is and how you cannot possibly live without her by your side. If by any chance the reason for the separation is because of another person, take the time to find out why she was swept away by that temptation or in your case, how you could let yourself fall prey to such weakness. And although it might mean a lot of sacrifices on your part, well just think about the times that you two were so happy with each other, and ask yourself if you still love her, so all the sacrifices will not be put into waste.

Revisit Your Happy Moments

Spend some time alone and spend it well, away from petty distractions and unwelcome triggers that may further aggravate the already tense atmosphere between the two of you. If possible, revisit an old haunt and do the things that you used to love doing together-whether it’s as simple as a picnic by the lake or a jog around the park early in the morning just when the world is just beginning to wake up and start a new day. Expect that there will really be some minor changes on the way you two would treat each other, but don’t worry, because that’s exactly the purpose why you take some time alone- to rekindle the relationship that you once had.

Have Some Soul Searching

One of the best way to answer the questions of how to get your ex wife, is to also have some soul searching on your own in order to see for yourself if you really want her to be back into your life. Also, ask yourself if you are still willing to do some sacrifices for the sake of your relationship or if it’s still possible for you to change for the better. Take note that you can only go so far with being romantic, but soon, you will begin to face the reality as well as all the challenges and difficulties that comes in every marriage.

Bottom-line is, however way you plan to get her to stay the second time around and regardless of how many books about how to get your ex wife back you will read, it will all be for naught if everything is done without sincerity. Women are born sensitive, so they can easily tell if you are serious with your intentions, or if you are doing it just for your own benefit.

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