Handy is a large company that allows people to get in touch with professionals that can get your to-do list done around the house. If you lack time or know-how to do certain chores or tasks around the house, Handy can get you in touch with someone who has the expertise to get it done for you quickly and efficiently. That is how they have become a large company in the last few years. They only service large cities in North America so be sure they have people in your area to get the job done.

The season to redecorate

With the arrival of fall, there may be certain elements in your home you would want to get swap out or even add a different splash of colour. With the pastels of the summer and spring seasons being replaced with more bold and rich colors like burgundy and emerald, see how you can transition from season to season to enjoy your space as much as you can. Adding textures is also a great way to get into the vibe of the fall season. Pom poms and fringe are great additions to your throw pillows, bins and blankets. Also if you add texture to your bed such as a dark fur throw on your all-white bedroom, it can liven the room up a bit more and make it look more fall-ready.

Going with Handy

Handy can help you with certain areas in your home of which you have a hard time knowing what to do with. For example, some people forget about their entry nook since it is a space they don’t spend much time in and  walk passed quickly as they enter their home. If you swap out the standard entry table for an upholstered bench, it can add a different element and change your mood as soon as you open the door. It will also give a great first impression to guests since it is a different kind of furniture. To take it a step further, adding throw pillows and books will make it look more homey. If you have a poof you would like to purchase, look into giant furry ones to have your space look extra comfy. Ottomans and poufs are great to have all year round but the fall seasons warrants more comfortable looking pieces that would compel people to stay in and feel warm in their space.

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