Do you find it hard to get your husband to listen to you? Does he give you the cold shoulder every time you try to share views with him? Then your communication strategy may be wrong.
In this article, I want to share with you some strategies that will help you to get through to him.
So, how can you solve this problem?

1. Choose An Ideal Environment
It might be tempting to try to talk to him immediately an idea comes into your head or at a time which may be convenient for you but which may not be convenient for your husband.
However, you are more likely to achieve positive results if you decide to talk to him when and where you can get his full attention.
So, talk to him when the computer, cell phone, or TV is off. Additionally, put off your phone so that someone may not call you and distract you when you are delivering your message to your husband.
Moreover, your bedroom, living room, a quiet spot in the neighborhood, or the car are places you can consider talking to your spouse. If you have children, let them leave for school before you approach your husband.

2. Find Out If The Time Is Right
When you make the move to talk to your husband, find out about his state of mind because although the time may seem right, he may have worries on his mind or he may be in a lousy mood and that can decrease the likelihood that he will listen to you with a good heart.
So, find out if he is in a mood to talk. Ask him preliminary questions to find out if he will cooperate. If he answers those questions without showing any signs of irritation or frustration, then go ahead and put your needs before him.

3. Sit Beside Him When You Are Conveying Your Message
Some people feel intimidated when a person sits in front of them to discuss issues. Furthermore, they get distracted when the other person looks into their eyes. Consequently, the communication is not effective.
So, sit by your husband so that you can create the right environment in which he may be willing to heed to your request. Additionally, try to touch his hands or shoulders or thighs from time to time so that you can remind him that there is a love connection between the two of you. That may influence him to give you a positive response.

4. Let Him Know That What You Want To Discuss Is Very Important
Try to get his attention from the beginning by saying something dramatic. For example, you may start by saying something terrible that happened to you because of what you are about to discuss, how that same thing has helped someone you know to improve his or her life, how your husband’s life will improve if he agrees to your request, or how the topic you are about to discuss will add value to your husband’s life. This will increase the chances that he may become interested in the conversation from the beginning.

5. Go Straight To The Point
Don’t waste time by beating about the bush. Additionally, keep your message short so that you can grab the attention of your husband. Tell him about what is on your heart in a clear voice. Use short sentences so that you don’t confuse him.
Furthermore, pause after you have delivered a substantial chunk of information to help him to digest the information you have passed on to him. And then give him a chance to respond.

6. Pray
The Bible says in Proverbs 21 v 1 that, “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He will.” In other words, God can influence the heart of your husband and make him listen to you.
Therefore, you may intone a prayer such as, “Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for giving me this marriage. Lord, Isaac does not listen to me when I advise him. He does not listen when I want to offer opinions and that hurts me. Please touch his heart for me. Let him listen when I talk to him so that we can further develop the rapport between the two of us. Amen.”

If you want to get your husband to listen to you, you need to ensure that you speak to him when he is not likely to be distracted by commitments or work. Furthermore, make sure he is in a mood that will make him listen, sit beside him instead of facing him, and deliver your message clearly so that he will not feel you are wasting his time.

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