How To Get Your Husband To Man Up: How To Get Your Husband To Act Like A Man

Could you use some marriage help to get your husband to man up and be the help mate you need and deserve? Well, I wish I could hypnotize your husband so he could be motivated to be all that he could be but that would be too easy. But I can give you a little marriage help that can inspire him to be a better husband.

Marriage Help To Get Him To Man Up

First I would suggest that you decide what areas you need him to step up in. What are the three most important areas you want him to "be the man in"? Is it that you want him to discipline the children and stop trying to be their friend? Do you need him to stop acting like a king and help clean up the home? Could it be that your man needs to pay more attention to your intimate needs?

It would be great if you could get him to do everything better but that would be asking too much. So settle for the three things that would help your marriage if he would make the effort to change.

Second I would recommend that you figure out why your husband isn't doing what you think he should be doing in these areas. Is it because of the way he was raised? Could he be slacking because he doesn't know what to do or is it because you have taken over and allowed him to coast?

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It will help your marriage and relationship if you can understand the reason he acts the way he does because if you do, then you can find ways to help him man up. To figure it out just consider some of the following;

• Has he ever done what you are now looking for him to do?

• How much of his behavior have you played a role I enabling?

• If he changed during your marriage was there anything or period of time when he began to shy away from being the man you married?

The next step to help your marriage would be to decide which method you need to use to get him to change, direct or indirect.

Direct Marriage Help

If you know that your husband is capable of taking care of his responsibilities, in these important areas of your relationship, then perhaps use the direct method. I know that some have found it helpful to ask rather than command their husband to man up.

Your husband probably has a great deal of pride and his ego might bruise easily so create a warm atmosphere to break the news to him. Perhaps over a quite dinner you can let him know how happy you were when he used to do (fill in the blank). Instead of making him feel like he isn't measuring up help him to see that fulfilling his role will allow you to be happier and thus improve your marriage.

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Indirect Marriage Help

This is where your husband has never performed well in the areas you believe fall under his umbrella. He may or may not be aware that he is supposed to be "the man" in these areas. He probably could use a little help getting things clarified.

In this instance I would suggest that you indirectly let him know that someone needs to step up with (fill in the blank) and you would appreciate it if he could devote a little more time doing it.

If you have been doing things he should be doing then slowly stop doing them. For example, if you are cooking, cleaning and managing all aspects of the home, leave stuff for him to do and ask him to take care of it. Don't assume he will figure out what to do.

You may need to give him choices to let him feel like he had a part in the decision process. For example, just ask him which of these three things he wants to help you with.

If you are tired of being the only one disciplining the children then let him know that it will help your marriage if you both share the load. If he doesn't want to help then you will need to let him know that all of the rules and punishments you set must be adhered to or else.

Sometimes good marriage help is just a matter of finding what motivates change. If at first you don't succeed don't give up. Try something different.

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Getting your husband to notice you again may feel like something of a challenge. Many married women go through a period where they feel neglected by their husband. He doesn't give them the attention they need and that leads to difficult feelings like resentment and frustration. It's often just a result of outside influences such as work and your husband having to tend to other things. He may not even be consciously aware of the fact that he's making you feel those things. It's not something you have to resign to live with for the rest of your life though. You can change this part of your marriage and make your husband as wild about you now as he was on your wedding day.

Many married women fall into this pattern within their marriage where they start to feel as though they've faded into the background. It often starts to happen when children arrive or when the husband's career becomes more consuming. All of a sudden all the attention he was showering on you is now displaced. It's directed to others or other things and that leaves you feeling alone and confused. Before you place all the blame on your husband though take a look at your own behavior within the marriage. We often are guilty of the same neglect as our spouse is. If you have pushed your husband aside in order to tend to other things, you need to place him higher on your own priority list. Doing this is simple and can make a huge difference in the way he relates to you.

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Each and every day do something special for your spouse. Go out of your way to cook his favorite meal or arrange a dinner out for the two of you at his favorite place. Another wonderful gesture is to plan a weekend getaway for the two of you to a place he really enjoys. Maybe it's to the mountains for some hiking or to the lake so he can indulge in some fishing. The goal for you should be to plan outings that will enable you two to reconnect without any distractions.

Remember the woman you were when you two first married? He absolutely adored who you were then. One of the effective ways of getting your husband to notice you is to focus more on your own life, apart from his. That may sound odd but it actually works in a very specific way. Your husband wants to be with someone who is dynamic and interesting. Focus on the things you enjoy in life for now. That may mean reinventing your career or taking some classes at night. When your husband sees that you are embracing life more, he'll be magnetically drawn back to you again.

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Being in love with each other is important but it is not enough to keep a marriage intact. Couples should know that it takes a lot of work to create a long lasting marriage. Problems, trials and other marital issues can tear you apart if you do not know how to keep your marriage strong.

No marriage is perfect and if your marriage is not strong, it can be very hard to make it last. Here are some tips to keep a marriage intact.

Make time for each other. Life is busy and nothing will change that. It is a conscious effort to make time for each other. Waiting for your free time before giving your spouse your time can cause some real problems in your marriage. To keep a marriage intact, you have to set aside some time for your spouse where you can talk and do things together. Your marriage is a large part of you life and it deserves your time.

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Make time for yourself. In a long term relationship like marriage, being with someone everyday of your life can be very overwhelming. To keep a marriage intact you have to grow together as partners but you also have to grow as individual person. You can contribute more to your marriage if you will give yourself time. Focus on yourself once in while to reflect on what is going on with your relationship and what you can do to make your relationship last.

Get away from the norm. The demands of married life can be very overwhelming and it can take the place of romance and love in your marriage. Couples will just find themselves like robots doing the daily routines of married life. This can be very dangerous in a marriage and to keep a marriage intact, couples should escape or get away from the norm and give themselves a break. Plan a vacation once in a while away from work and the routines of life. Spice up your marriage and rekindle the romance by breaking the routines once in while.

Keeping a marriage needs serious commitment and great work but it is not impossible to create a long lasting marriage. Knowing the right techniques in handling your relationship is important.

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Are you feeling worried that after years of being married you feel that your husband is not looking at you with the same intensity as before?

Do you wonder what could make your husband look at you the same way as you first met? What could get your husband's attention?

Nowadays, there is a lot of information about this whether on magazines or the internet, but one thing that is the same is that they are all based on a woman's point of view. And a small majority that comes from a man, they unfortunately come from a doctor or a therapist, not exactly the one that matters most; which is a husband's perspective.

Personally, I'm a husband who knows exactly what I'm talking about, and I'm about to share some of the tips that I know will work for us men in general.

The truth is that as men we're pretty easy to make happy, and get us feeling attracted to you. But at the same time, we're not as simple as women seem to think that we are.

We are visual creatures. To get our attention we need to get visually stimulated. It's a lot different from women who love the emotional connection. Sounds pretty simple right? Let us see a beautiful view and we are hooked on you!

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With that in mind, don't feel bad if you feel that you don't look as good as you did in the past, because as your husband Ibasically don't care about those things. The problem is that you hiding those so called "problem areas and flab" just makes it worse because you cover up the "visuals" I want to see.

Another sure fire way to get our attention is to truly stop nagging. Men don't really appreciate you breathing down our necks. We think it's all annoying and we hate it. A lot of communication in most marriages fails because of this as this will create friction and misunderstanding on both parties.

A better approach is to ask us nicely and it doesn't hurt if you look adorable doing so, just like what I told you the first time, we are visual creatures after all. Reward us with a few of those smiles and look sexy whenever you ask us to do something and I will bet you that it will be done in a minute.

Just like you, when you need to spend time with your girl friends we also crave for time with our buddies, but it doesn't mean that we are going out with some one else. It doesn't mean that we don't like spending time with you; we also need our buddies to talk about sports and stuff that you might feel boring.

A lot of women have the misconception that when we get together with our friends it will just lead to other women and that they give their husband a hard time because they don't want their husband talking about other women with their friends.

Most importantly, tell us what's wrong and what's made you mad. A lot of women just assume that we know what's wrong and they will keep quiet. They just want us to figure out what's wrong and ticking them off.
So, if something's bothering you, tell us so that we can do something about it. We're not mind readers; we are just your typical males that don't have a clue most of the time.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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