How To Get Your Husband To Understand You: My Husband Doesn't Listen To Me Doesn't Understand Me

Catching men's attention is one of the major tasks of women. I am talking about husband and wife here. Even the unmarried ladies are also faced with this problem but we shall discuss that in another set up. But it is funning when we shall be analyzing these things and we see that they are not things that are far fetched neither do we need PhD degrees before we can do them. Though small and very common are these things, when we despise them and pay little or no attention to them they can be dangerous in destroying homes and marriage relationship.

Firstly, a woman that is good in preparing the husband's food will always get full attention of her husband. That man will hate one thing. He will hate eating outside knowing for sure that he will be missing a lot if he does. His heart would be at rest knowing fully sure that whenever he gets home the food will be there waiting for sure that he will be missing a lot if he does. His heart would be at rest knowing fully sure that whenever he gets home the food will be there waiting for him on the table. When we talk about been good at the table, we are not only focusing on one aspect at the detriment of others. Things that contribute to a woman been good at the table are:

The sense of time in preparing food

The food itself and it content

The warm atmosphere through which the food is been presented

Knowing the taste of the husband.

When a woman, having put all these unto thought; meets the husbands appetite to get such man's attention would not be a problem. "What the husband does not eat, the wife does not cook" (Ohun ti baale ile kii je iyale ile kii see.) There is no other set up that this popular saying is practicable than home. A good wife will try to bend a little and create likeness in what the husband likes to eat, so they can joyfully eat together as husband and wife.

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Secondly, a woman that wants to get full attention of the husband must learn to understand the language of the husband's vocation. She must love his job. This is so as she is in the right positive to comfort the man after the day's activities. On many occasions, the man comes home tired and confused; the rigors of the days work had practically sapped life from him. He feels like calling it quit and go on self impose holiday. At such a time a good wife will just naturally fit into talking things out with the man using the terms that both can understand. "Oh! Honey I know it is that mower tractor that is giving you problem, if it is not working fine can't we go to the cooperative and hire the new one I can remember what you said the other time about using their facilities when any of our machines are down." The wife thus brings in useful suggestion to tackle the problem that the husband is facing in his agric-farm. If she had been novice of all the man is passing through even if she had the mind to help she will lack words to express the same. We can adopt this to suit any vocations whatsoever. Gets to know the system, the language even the people that work closely with your husband, you will see how this knowledge will pave way for smooth rapport between you and your husband and as you are good in doing this you get his attention without much effort.

Thirdly, a woman that wants 100% attention of the husband must be good at the bed. Here we are talking about Sex. Gone are those days when sex is been pictured as something sinister and wicked. Sex within matrimonial set-up is holy and wholesome. God had made sex for husband and wife's enjoyment. It is when is been perform outside the will of God that it become sin. Having said this for the sake of some critics, I advise every married woman to learn more the art of making good sex, so that both you and your husband will enjoy it. Only God knows the numbers of disagreement we are having today that are aggravated in the first place just because husband and wife fails in the aspect of sex. When a woman satisfies her husband's sexual urge, there would be no need doing some other extra curriculum experience outside. Now making sex has got a lot of ingredients that suppose to be in place if we are to experience holistic sense of the matter. There is romantic approach to sex we don't just jump to it like animals in the street. Sex has also got languages. Both husband and wife must learn to understand the spoken and unspoken languages of sex. It is good we understand that you don't have sex and enjoy it in a dirty environment; also both parties involves must be clean and of sound health. Availability also is important. A wife that complains all the time the husband want sex would not make a good home, such will not get the attention of the husband.

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The fourth principal thing a woman would d to get 100% attention of her husband is to walk in the fear of God. Men are trooping into churches these days to get wives. They do this because they believe in engaging a woman with the fear of God. Even this aspect supposes to come first but we deliberately put it to be number four for attention reason. Things that are mostly important are handling lightly these days. The highest thing I personally cherish in the life of a person is the person's relationship with God. If your ways is please with God he will make you be at peace with even your enemy. But how wonderful will it be when we now consider the type of peace you will enjoy with your husband, not your enemy this time around. When a man knows that there is always peaceful atmosphere at home he will not like to stay back missing the period he suppose to be with the family. Nothing put unnecessary fear into the heart of man than to know that you are going into small hell as you close for the day and about to go home.

Finally, a woman that likes to get 100% attention of the husband must learn how to listen to husband with rapped attention. If there is anything that prostitute knows how to do best, giving full attention to their customers is the thing. Many are the joys and sorrows of man, as he toil each day for his daily bread. At the end of the day he craves for someone who can listen as he shared these joys and sorrows. Woman gets use to your husband, understand when he needs to be sat by as he poured out his heart. Don't bring water when he needs food, don't bring food when he needs water, and don't bring either of the two when only what he need is to be listened to. There is a big different between talking to and talking with. When you are talking with you husband short yourselves out of any side attraction, no newspaper, no magazine, no watching of television. Talk with each other heart to heart in a friendly manner.

Having put all these into practice, getting 100% of your husband's attention will be made easy.

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In many marriages, the husbands seldom voice out their feelings toward their wives, they believe their actions speak more than enough for them. Do their wives agree with them and are O.K. with that?

That is fine for some women who are not the vocalizing type themselves. However, for many other women, that does not sit right with them. To them, hearing the loving words from their husbands reassures them of the love they want to have from their husbands, which they enjoy hearing it said out loud more often than not. And when the husbands reinforce these loving words with actions, they really put their wives in cloud nine.

The truth is words can make you feel marvelous as well as can make you feel terribly low and even can kill you spiritually or emotionally. Words do not cost us anything, but it can have a huge impact on us. Fighting or argument is normal in any relationship, then why is it that there are arguments which do not affect the love between two partners, and there are arguments which erode the wonderful feelings that they have for each other?

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One of the reasons that makes the arguments harmful to the couple's relationship is they say words which are hurtful, degrading, humiliating, disrespectful, insulting, hateful, etc... to each other. These negative words leave negative residues in their mind, their heart; and eventually their repetitions of these words in the arguments will build up these residues to the level that the love they once felt for each other is just a tiny pile of dirt compared to the huge mound of these murderous residues.

We cannot control what other people say, but definitely, we can control what we say. We cannot use them irresponsibly just because words do not cost us anything. We can enhance our marriage with words that make the other feel uplifting,appreciated, important, helpful and especially loved; so let's give a care to our words.

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The important thing to do here is to find out what the problems are, and the only way you are going to do that is to talk to your spouse. If there are things that are making your spouse unhappy, then at least you'll know what is wrong, and can do something about it.

Then again, you and your spouse might just come to the conclusion that you do not have enough time to spend with each other because of other commitments. This is a dangerous situation and needs to be resolved right away. There is no way you can be happily married if you don't even have some quality time together now and then.

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Talk about your weekly activities and where you can give up some things so that you and your spouse can spend some time together. The thing is, your marriage is falling apart because you don't know each other anymore - you're like two strangers living in the same home.

Your jobs are important to you, and you manage to find all the time you need to do your jobs to the best of your ability, so why can't you make that same effort for each other? What really would be great is if you make a conscious effort to spend at least one weekend a month together at some special place.

Your marriage is falling apart at the moment, but if you take time to communicate regularly with each other, and spend more time with each other so that your love can become what it was, then your marriage can become the loving, happy, one that it was when you and your spouse first tied the knot.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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Heard the news? The general rate of divorce is now above 50%. Which means that when you marry, you are now statistically expected to divorce sooner or later. Why do you think this is the case? Let me tell you. We are in 2010, and nobody is interested about caring about another person deeply. Nobody is interested in commitment, faithfulness and loyalty. So, if you are asking "how do I stop a divorce?" then I must first take a moment to congratulate you for searching on ways on stoppin a divorce, rather than just accepting it and moving on.

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When placed in this situation, most spouses "react", rather than "act". They feel their marriages slipping out of their hands and they feel compelled to "just do something" before it all falls apart. And this leads them to doing senseless, wrong things which essentially kill the marriage, such as begging and pleading.

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Does it really have to be "explained" why begging is bad? I don't think so. However, a lot of people do it even if they know the results won't be good. Why? Because they are desperate, and those heavy emotions make them do the wrong things.

So, this all means one thing. If you are asking yourself "how do I stop a divorce?" like mad around the house, the first thing to do is to actually calm down! Do not let your emotions overwhelm your rationality. Admit that your feelings are guiding you into doing wrong things, and PROMISE yourself that you will never ever act on instinct to stop your divorce. Promise that you are going to follow a plan that will save your marriage. A great way to do this is to look for some expert advice - that will give you a plan to follow, and you won't do mindless things that will kill your marriage.

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