by Barbara Frank

Does it feel like something is slowly stealing away your energy and vitality? Are you exhausted when you come home from work or after minor activities? Do you have minor or major aches and pains, skin problems, thinning hair, overweight, sugar cravings, chronic pain? There are things going on that you need to know about that can cause these conditions. According to “Body Snatchers,” a film by The National Geographic, “Everyone has parasites. Parasites have killed more of us than all the wars in human history. Parasites take our bodies from us.” They have preyed on us since the beginning of time. According to Microbes, Invisible Invaders by NIH: “In Paris in the 1400's a microbe, the bubonic plague killed thousands. In Mexico in the 1500's the Aztecs were struck with a parasite epidemic of smallpox. In North America in the 1900's thousands of people, including Doc Holliday died from a parasite, tuberculosis.”

A Field Guide To The Invisible by Wayne Biddle explains that “Eight legged and sightless, mites live on their own or in parasitic bliss with myriad other creatures. The latter sort may thrive externally or internally on plants, mammals, birds, reptiles insects or other invertebrates. They have been found in the lungs, bladder and intestines of vertebrates as well as on the skin.” (page 90). We know that eight legged creatures are spiders. A book that lists all the parasites that live on us is Scope Monograph on Pathoparasitology by Michael Kenny, MD.

Fearsome Fauna, A Field Guide To The Creatures That Live In You by Roger Knutson states: “Many of our own parasites live in our internal ocean, a fact with an ancestral reason. It is an echo of our own very long-ago heritage; we evolved from organisms that lived in the ocean and needed salt water around them, and our individual cells are still bathed in the slightly salty water of our blood and plasma. Our parasites live in something like that primordial ocean. . .We are to most worms and amoebas, just a small isolated patch of ocean with abundant food, and a tropical internal climate.” (page 17)

My mother, grandmother and grandfather used Folk Medicine and herbs while I was growing up to help those who came sick, all suffering from some form of parasitic infestation or the other. I remember getting frustrated as a child from seeing sick people crowding into our house for help. They did not pay with money but rather a bushel of sweet potatoes or peaches or a baby sheep or calf. They were poor and had no money. No one was turned away.

My mother knew the names of all the herbs and trees and taught them to us. She knew what herbs cured what condition. She had a cream that she made from the liquid she got from boiling a cow's hoofs on the stove for a week, and we had to rub it on us, especially when we got sick. It was really healing, killed parasites and kept mosquitoes from biting us. I have a similar product, but with the advent of “no animal products” my product has no animal anything in it, just parasite-killing herbs, superfoods and herbs that beautify skin.

We were taught that parasites can go through the bottom of your feet if you went without shoes and to never wear sandals because the dirt is full of microbes. There are certain parasites that can go through the bottom of the feet and travel through the blood to the organ they like to live on like lung flukes and liver flukes.

We cooked everything well done, animals and vegetables because all the animals live on the ground and the vegetables come out of the soil where there are ten thousand microbes in each inch of soil. When we ate raw food, it was cleaned meticulously with salt water, peroxide or diluted clorox.

We were wormed once a month using my mom's herbal formula. Upon entering our house, which was immaculately clean, we were expected to wash our hands when we came in the front door. I learned that some of the most common ways we acquire parasites is through our food, the soil, bedfellows, and intimacy. Some of the more common parasites are Ascaris, which look like a pencil, pin worms which look like thread, tapeworms which can be obtained from going barefoot, or eating undercooked meats, especially sushi. Freezing does not destroy them; they can go dormant and reactivate upon thawing. Many people think if they freeze their sushi it kills the parasites. Moles and freckles are parasites; a bug that has colonized the skin. Most of them reproduce asexually, and can overgrow in the body and cause blockages that can lead to ugly conditions like stroke, heart attacks, acne and tumors.

In the springtime, if you look closely enough, you will see tiny red spiders covering everything outside. They are bloodsucking arachnids, waiting for a warm body to live in. If you lean against a banister or tree, they will use an enzyme to numb the skin and enter the body where they will start their families in you. They look like a little red dot on the outside of the skin.

You will never see a parasite until you start killing them. As a Holistic Health Practitioner who has practiced for thirty-five years, I have helped thousands of people get their lives back by showing them how to kill their parasites. We have all heard that they are everywhere and in everything. That does not mean that we don't have options to fight their taking over our bodies. Following are some people who overcame powerful conditions by killing parasites:

“I had Lupus, was weak as a kitten and could not do anything. The doctor told me there was nothing else he could do for me. I felt the life ebbing out of me. A friend begged me to go to Barbara. I was reluctant, but too weak and dying to protest. He drove down to Va Beach to get me and drove me to her. After one session I felt well. After two I bought a new house and continue to use the products. I am grateful that God sent me to her.” RB

“I came to Barbara on a walker and told her I was going to check myself into a nursing home after I left her. I had already put down a deposit. Walking and sleeping had become so painful for me, I felt a nursing home would be the only place where I could survive. I could not sleep in my bed, but had to sleep in a chair my leg hurt so bad. Steps were impossible, and what I did not know is that I would walk out of her office after the treatment in amazement and forget my walker. I never went back to get my deposit from the nursing home and have been living again, even got married, after contemplating the end of my life being near.” Harry

“I had MS so bad I would fall down while walking. My speech was incoherent and my concentration was really bad. I was tired all the time and could not work. I had been in bed for four months. A woman at the health food store told me to go to Barbara. I felt after trying so many things that what could it hurt? I went and after one treatment, I got up and was no longer falling down, my speech had improved drastically. Four days later, I went back to work. I have been going strong since seeing her. Jane

My program involves natural products that are non-toxic to us that kill parasites in addition to methods of cleansing foods that will remove microbes/parasites from it. People tell me that within a week of being on my program, they notice that they feel like they are coming out of the twilight zone and they did not know they were in the twilight zone until they started coming out of it. Since signs of aging are caused by microbes, after a few weeks of using my products, skin will be tighter, wrinkles, acne, freckles and age spots will be fading and the skin will take on a healthy glow. Weight will start falling off and people report they have more energy and clear thinking than they have had in years. Demodex mites cause baldness and killing them will start hair to regrow. I am the best testimonial for this as I am a very young sixty year old who does not look a day over thirty.

“I had been bald for forty years. It started when I was in my thirties and I always wore a hat. I went to Barbara for chronic back pain, which she eliminated after I went to several doctors who did not help at all. During that time I said to her, “I don't care whose hair your restored, I know you cannot get mine back. My wife rubbed the Natural Herb Lotion into my scalp daily and within two months, the bald top of my head had hair that has continued to fill in.” JG

Your detox program will consist of a Natural Herb Lotion that is applied all over the body once a month to kill trillions of tiny parasites. They are so tiny, no one will know you are killing them. It is left on from two to eight hours and you would shower or bathe with LymphaCleanse, a product that pulls parasites out of the lymphatic system and blood. After the shower or bath, Rose Beauty cream is applied all over the body. A natural herbal parasite cleanse is used in conjunction as well. Products are pure, natural, created from the finest ingredients and tested by an independent lab and certified microbe-free.

The lab informed us that all products on the market are allowed to have no more than 500 colony-forming microbes because no one knows how to get microbes out except by irradiation. However, our products are purified using an ancient natural purification process, so you can be assured that you are not adding microbes to your body. I use ancient natural herbal and homeopathic remedies to stimulate the immune system to restore the body, instead of just treating the symptoms of disease as traditional medicine does. By going after the source of the problem, results are more effective and long lasting. I provide instructions on how to neutralize and dissolve harmful agents that invariably get into the body from everyday exposure to parasites, pollutants, and irritants, and ways to cleanse, nourish and strengthen the body so that disease is less likely to occur. I teach how to clean the bed, raw foods (the main source of exposure to parasites and microbes) how to kill existing parasites in the body and how to prevent re-infestation. I have seen in the people who come to me effective results in restoring homeostasis, true recovery from debilitating conditions, disappearance of signs of aging and senility, restoration of energy and vitality, all through detoxing and killing parasites.

Six dangers that could be avoided:

"In good weather, we see a much higher incidence of injuries caused by accidents and sports," says Scalzo, who is a SLU pediatrician at SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center. "Kids are going to be kids and they are going to get hurt. But many of these accidents could be prevented by proper parental supervision."

As an emergency room doctor for nearly 30 years, there isn't much Scalzo hasn't seen. But these are the six most common summer dangers for kids:

1. All-Terrain Vehicles: There are two things Scalzo would like to see banned in America - ATVs and trampolines. Sure, kids have fun on these but they also cause a lot of preventable, serious injuries, he says.

While children can get hurt doing anything from climbing trees to playing on the monkey bars, Scalzo says ATVs are more likely to cause serious, life-threatening injuries. ATVs are more dangerous because they are motorized and have a lot of momentum. It's also easy to lose control of them, which can lead to the heavy ATV falling on the driver. If you choose to let your child drive or ride on an ATV, despite the danger, it's absolutely necessary to wear a helmet, Scalzo says.

2. Trampolines: Every summer children come in the emergency room with broken bones and serious gashes caused by falling off a trampoline or falling on the metal springs. If you decide to decide to let your children jump, though, Scalzo recommends installing the protective netting around the trampoline that will prevent the most serious accidents.

3. Bikes, Inline Skates and Skateboards: Each year, more than 580,000 bicyclists and 100,000 in-line skaters and skateboarders are injured. The majority of these accidents can be prevented with proper use of the proper safety gear. Wearing a properly-fitting helmet prevents 85 percent of head injuries, yet only 11 percent of children ages 11 to 14 wear helmets. Wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and shin pads are also a good idea for skaters.

Other bike safety tips include: testing the bike's brakes, making sure tires are secured tightly and properly inflated, wearing reflective material and using a light when riding at dusk or dawn.

4. Drowning: Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death among young children and can occur in the bathtub, swimming pool, while boating or even in small amounts of water, such as in a large cooler. Children should never be left unattended near water and should always wear a life jacket when near a pool or boating.

Home swimming pools should be protected with fencing on all sides and have securely locked entrances. Splash alarms can add an extra level of safety, but nothing can substitute the importance of parental supervision.

5. Car Accidents: Being properly restrained in a car is imperative all year long. However, because families take more road trips during the summer, more injuries caused by children not wearing seat belts are reported during this time of year. Even if your children get antsy during long car trips, Scalzo says it is never safe to allow them out of the appropriate booster or car seat. Instead, make more frequent stops to let them burn off their energy.

6. Heat and Dehydration: Every year children die or become very sick from being left inside a car. Heat and dehydration can be very dangerous for children. Scalzo says children should not be left in the car for even a short period of time because the car can heat up quickly.

Keeping children well hydrated, especially when they are playing outside in the heat is also important. However, parents should avoid giving infants water because it dilutes the salt in their blood and can lead to respiratory problems and seizures. For infants, Scalzo recommends offering an extra bottle on hot days. From The Insurance Institute

Never shake a baby!!
Today I saw a man shaking an infant to keep her quiet. He was shaking her vigorously, and finally I could not stand it. I went to him and said, “Sir, according to The Harvard Health Letter shaking a baby breaks blood vessels in her head.” He looked at me a moment and kept shaking the baby. If you want to calm your child, walking with her is very soothing. If you know someone who has an infant, please let them know that shaking a baby is very harmful. Never allow anyone to throw your baby up in the air or kiss her child on the lips. Please pass this along to anyone you know who has a small child.

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Barbara Frank is a Holistic Practitioner who has practiced for 35-years. She is an Internationally Certified Lymphologist and her focus is on Folk Medicine and parasites. She has the only comprehensive treatment for parasites. She is the author of “How To Take 10 Years Off Your Face And Add 10 Years To Your Life Naturally,” available on The Institute of Chinese Culture on Grand Street in New York has made four television shows about Barbara Frank and the work she does. There are two videos of her on Public Television on the tv show YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH. There are several videos on on her. Type in her name and then type parasites, or weight loss or hair loss or skin problems. The National Health Federation wrote a favorable review of her book. She has been on radio more than a dozen times on WOL, WPGC, WJZW, AERO and others and, conducts informational seminars on parasites and helps thousands of people every year. She is a Certified Lymphologist through The International Academy of Lymphology. The Lymphologists believe that no disease can exist if the lymphatic system is cleansed and they proved it when a child that fell in a sewer was determined to be brain damaged and incurable. They constantly cleansed her lymph system until she was normal. Barbara says she experiences the same miracles in her practice. She has studied many other natural healing modalities, including, The University of Maryland Alternative Medicine Intensive, UCLA's Screenwriter's Intensive, Homeopathy, Herbal Therapy, Vitamin Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Philosophy and Psychology. She has also taken many consciousness-raising seminars such as Lifespring Basic Awareness Training, The Forum, John Grey Seminars, The Foundation For Peace Awareness Training, Intuition Seminars and such. She has written two non-fiction: HOW TO STOP SMOKING TODAY and HOW TO TAKE 10 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE AND ADD 10 YEARS TO YOUR LIFE NATURALLY. She has enormous success in helping those who come to her. She has her practice in Bethesda MD.