Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform in the world, having over 60 million monthly active users (15 million paying subscriptions) in 58 nations across the world, and it’s growing rapidly. It is one of the most important artist’s music outlets with around a billion user-generated playlists, smooth integration with Twitter and Facebook, and customizable options for radio stations.

Why Upload Music on Spotify?

As discussed above, Spotify has over 60 million active users per month. So, getting your music on this platform can be a revolutionary way to attract new fans to your music. Along with people who search for your music directly, you can even get featured under ‘related artists’ section of bands to achieve more exposure or even get yourself on Spotify radio stations. Read on to know how to carve your music in a piece of a huge streaming pie. Make sure not to upload your blank songs, just kidding! Here’s a quick guide to get your creations playing on Spotify.

How to get your music on Spotify?

Your music may be on its way to reach the platform or may be on Spotify already if you are on record label. If you don’t have a label and an independent artist, aggregators are the only way to get your music over there. You can get connected to these brands as they will upload your creation to Spotify and keep you assured to get royalties in return for a small fee or a percentage cut you may offer them.

Best Aggregators to Use – How Much do they charge?

There are four artist aggregators for Spotify – Record Union, CD Baby, TuneCore and EMU Bands.

Record Union

It costs $7 for a single, $10 for an EP and $13 for an album for one year of digital distribution. It has a different collaboration with Sony Music. Hence, you might be signed by Sony execs if they love your music.

CD Baby

It charges one-time fee, i.e. $49 per album or $12.95 per single as part of its standard package. The ‘pro’ package includes BMI or ASCAP registration, collection of global publishing royalty, and registration of songs to collection agencies across the world along with other perks of standard package. It costs $99 per album and $39 per single. They don’t charge annual fees. Instead, they keep 9% of all sales of digital music.

EMU Bands

It charges $84.95 per album, $59.95 for EP and $42.50 per single as one-time fee. Well, these fees are steep as compared to others but they won’t charge annual fees and will let you to keep 100% of royalties.


For the first year it charges $29.99 per album, then $49.99 per year after that. In addition, it costs $9.99 per single a year. At the same time, you can keep 100% of royalties like EMU Bands.

Verification on Spotify

You can certify that your page is official by getting verified on Spotify. Like the official Twitter account, you can get a blue tick next to the name of your group. Every time you announce a concept or launch a new music, it will alert your followers with notifications. It also keeps you ahead of various fake accounts by your name and you can get the feeling of credibility.

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