If you've ever been to a square dance without taking lessons, you'll know just how hard it is to get your partner back after a do-si-do gone wrong. Just the same, if you've had a bad falling out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you'll find the solo tango presents an obstacle.

Step 1: Pretend You're Movie Cops: Not everybody has had success winning back the heart of somebody they've scorned but everybody has seen cop movies where the guy on the edge of retirement gets paired with the loose cannon and they soon find out their differences are what makes them the same, which is also true in love relationships.

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Step 2: Apologize: "I'm sorry I got you hijacked by those terrorists." "Yes, and I'm sorry I slept with your wife." If two detectives can air out grievances like those, not picking up the laundry or doing the dishes will seem like misdemeanors.

Step 3: Take Some Time After one of you takes a desk job or the other gets paired with an annoying partner with a shrieking German accent, you'll find out that being in the company of your ex is what truly made you happy.

Step 4: Big Showdown: The drug deal that's going down at midnight in your situation is a big party or a huge wedding reception. Use this opportunity where you and your ex will both be in attendance to make your big splash and try to win them back for good.

Step 5: Patience: You had some good moments like the time you ran your van into the Washington Monument or blew up the 405 but becoming partners again just might be too big of a step right now. Perhaps talking over the CB or playing on the department softball team is a better first step.

Step 6: The Back And Forth The reason you two meshed in the first place was that your personalities were just different enough for a good cohesion. You don't have to go from a semi-automatic swiveling maniac to a poet laureate but if you find a middle ground your relationship has a better chance to strive.

Step 7: Don't Make The Same Mistakes Again: If you find yourself in a hostage situation (i.e. alone with another woman) don't make the same mistake again and learn from your past transgressions. Call for backup or let the perp walk so that you and your partner won't go through another rough patch.

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When it comes to getting your ex back, you can make them beg for you back and you can also make them burn with curiosity and jealousy. The more you do, the more it's going to bug them until you are theirs again.

Make it Look Simple
If your ex sees that you are unhappy and miserable, they are going to know you want them back. Making it look as if you are better off without them is going to drive them bananas. Making them see you are happy is the trick to getting them at your feet.

Become Popular
Find more friends and hang out more. The more you are with other people the more they are going to wish they were still with you. The more people that know you, the more they want to come back and share that with you.

Get Opposite Sex Friends
By having friends that are the opposite sex, your ex is going to be burning inside to have you on their arm again. By having others interested in you, it's going to make your ex see what a good person they had.

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Bump Into Them
When you are on a date with someone, make sure you make it possible to bump into them so they see you. Make it seem as if you are having he time of your life with that person and your ex is going to be calling you and trying to get back together with you.

Don't Talk About Them
Your x is going to be waiting for you to start talking about them to other people but at all costs do not even mention their name. This is going to make you a nicer person to be around and your ex is going to be jealous as you don't need them.

Enjoy Other Things
Instead of sitting around and waiting for them to call or text you, go out with friends or even family. Have a good time and don't put your life on hold for them. Your ex wants to know you are sad and depressed. By doing the complete opposite they are going to be wondering why you aren't.

Appear Happy
While you may be dying inside and wanting our ex back, the happier your ex sees you, the faster they will try to get in touch with you again and try to work things out with ou, and in reality, that's what you want. Being happy is the ticket to them coming back.

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At our 5-year class reunion we were excited to see everybody and were genuinely interested in what career path they've taken. As our 20-year approaches, we couldn't care less about those gossip wranglers and have to hit the gym for 6 months just to think about attending. With these tips, hopefully the reunion with your ex is much more seamless.

Step 1: Drop Your Guard: It's easy to hold resentment and hostility against an ex for breaking your heart but if you truly want to reunite with them, you've got to let down your defenses. The past is the past and rest assured that they went through some hurt as well.

Step 2: Open Up: Besides being more accessible, you've got to take it an extra step and actually talk with your ex about your feelings. If you tell them that the breakup was a mistake and that you really do wish you would have stuck with them, they'll appreciate your honesty.

Step 3: Ross & Rachel A great way to reunite with your ex is to become friends with them no matter what. You can then in turn hang out with your other mutual friends without having them feel awkward. Eventually, you may notice that you're growing closer together and some shiver of feeling still resides in your belly.

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Step 4: Empty Your Trash: This isn't necessarily advice on how to reunite with your ex but dropping your bad habits can only help. The sooner you start to live a cleaner and more responsible lifestyle, the more attractive you'll be to everybody, including your ex.

Step 5: Making The Call: You might not have stopped to think about it but perhaps your ex still has the same feelings for you as you hold for them. Instead of sitting there wondering, take the bull by the horns and make the call - worst case scenario they'll say to never call them again but at least now you know.

Step 6: Be Fine With Ex You shouldn't feel shame in being introduced as 'we used to date' because at least your being introduced. You've got to feel fine being an ex otherwise your relationship will never take the next step.

Step 7: Ease The Gas Pedal: Part of being fine with the situation of an ex is taking the pressure off both sides to get back together. Roll with the punches and enjoy the fact that you're in the life of a former loved one and if you take the next steps so be it but don't lose a newfound friend over it.

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When you were dating your girlfriend, you probably found it was easy to get her jealous as you were constantly bombarded with quotes like, "I saw you looking at that meter maid" or "Why don't you and the county coroner just get a room together." Well, now that you've split up, you're going to find it's harder to get your ex jealous...but not impossible.

Step 1: The Definition of Jealousy: That book with the words describes jealousy as feeling resentment towards somebody because of their success or advantages. So obviously if you want to get your ex jealous, you need to garner success or advantages in life.

Step 2: Improve Your Life Worth: The first thing you can do to make your ex jealous is to start improving your life in the form of job dedication and devotion to your body. She might not even be jealous and just say, "Why didn't he do that when I was with him" but it accomplishes the same goals.

Step 3: Be Happier Without Her Moving on and being happier without her in your life is a sure way to make her jealous. She might think she's the best thing to ever happen to you but when you're surrounded with new friends and having a great time, she'll start doing some internal thinking.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Step 4: Make Her Life Seem Worse Without You: As your ex gets more jealous of you, she might crack and ask you if you want to see a movie or do something together. Tell her that you'd like to but you already made plans with other people. This tells her you're having fun and she's not as popular as she thought she'd be when single.

Step 5: Treat Her As A Good Friend: When you go over the top to treat your ex like a good friend, she'll get jealous and start to want you back. Her head will be spinning when you see her and give up a high five while saying, "How's it going buddy?"

Step 6: Avoid The Easy Routes When trying to get your ex-jealous, avoid the road always traveled in the form of asking out her best friends or taking her mom on a date. This will just have your ex feeling hostile towards you and if you think deeper, the success will be more enjoyable.

Step 7: Make Everybody Jealous: Instead of just trying to make your ex girlfriend jealous, strive to make everybody want to be like you in the effort to be the man. Get the best job, body, hairdo and attitude as possible but be calm and cool and don't brag about it.

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