Its hard work enough to get your wife back but to get her back from another man might be too difficult you think. But truth is that with a little bit of effort and smart work you can get your wife back even if she is with another man. Here is what you need to do.

Find out the cause behind your wife leaving you
You might have had a bad break up and still feel that she was mostly responsible for the way things turned out. But the truth is that she is with another man and you want her back. Look deep within yourself and try to remember what changes your wife wanted in you.

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Work on changing those things
You will need to work hard and focus on changing the things that your wife didn't like about you. That doesn't mean that you should change as a person. You need to be consistent in your behavior but change the negative qualities about you. You can also go to a counselor to take help.

Have patience
This is a process that doesn't work overnight so be prepared to hold on to your patience. Don't expect miracles and be prepared to work hard.

Start talking to her
Once you have sorted out your personal issues you need to get in touch with your wife again. Just start talking with her casually and tell her that you would like to meet her. Make her feel comfortable and tell her that you want to meet her once only to get closure.

Offer a heartfelt apology
Once you meet her tell her that you are sorry. Offer her a heartfelt apology and tell her you are sorry for having hurt her. Take responsibility for your actions and also mention that it is because you were a fool that you let a woman as wonderful as her get away. Tell her that you would just like to be friends.

Start hanging out with her
She will test you and your intentions by introducing you to the man she is with. Make an impression here. Don't try to put him down or humiliate him. Just show that you are a secure person and are not into anything petty. Speak well for your ex's man and get closer to her.

Make her have a good time with you
Once she starts hanging out with you show her a good time. Make her feel like she cannot be as happy with anyone else and soon she will be back with you.

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In the honeymoon phase of a marriage there is always a lot of passion and pure marital bliss. As the years progress on, sometimes people lose that zest they once had for each other in the beginning. People begin to take their significant other for granted, forcing the other person to want to become distant. It is no wonder that so many relationships are ending in divorce. If only there was a way to bring your marriage back from the brink. If you are in fear of losing the love of your life and want to place that spark back in your relationship follow these few simple tips and you will both be well on your way to a lifetime of marital happiness.

Learn to communicate with one another
Try talking about what you expect from the relationship. There is no reason to think that your partner is a mind reader. Tell them that you feel something may be wrong, and suggest something's you can do to make it right.

Honeymoon again
Why not try to rekindle the fire that occurred on your wedding night. Try to make reservations at the same place of your original honeymoon. If you can recreate that night, then you might be able to bring back the romance.

Why can't we be friends
There is no hope for a relationship that does not start from a friendship. Try to be friends with your partner. Once you can create that bond it will be very hard for it to become broken.

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Let's set a date
Why not have a specific night called, "Date Night." If can, a day on the weekend where you can take your partner out on a date. It will make you feel like your courting all over again.

Outsiders looking in
Sometimes it is good to have people involved in your relationship, especially if they are marriage counselors. They can take you through some necessary exercises that can help you realize the reason why you all got married in the first place, and what you can do to patch things up.

Showing Appreciation
Let you partner know how much they really mean to you. Sometimes all a person needed is a little reassurance that their mate loves, respects, and cherish them.

Don't hold a grudge
Far too many times people have fights, and are not willing to forgive. It is best to forgive and forget. Besides sometimes what you argued about wasn't really even worth the fight. So try being the bigger person and squashing any animosity towards your partner, before it ends in disaster.

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I bet you think that you have a healthy relationship. After all, most people do. But why is it then, that the divorce rate is above 50%, and why is it much higher for people who date?

You see, what most people to consider to be a healthy relationship, is actually a relationship which is deteriorating...BUT, as long as you catch the unhealthy signs early, you can make sure it doesn't ruin your relationship!

Read on to find out whether or not you have a healthy relationship...

Sign #1 That You Have A Healthy Relationship: Two DIFFERENT Opinions

You can have two different opinions without getting mad at each other. A lot of couples will argue till their face gets blue when they experience a difference in opinions, BUT, if you and your partner can have a difference of opinions without feeling hurt or without wanting to chop each other's heads off...this means your relationship is healthy.

You see, whenever there is a mutual understanding, you will notice that you can share different ideas without feeling as if it's just not working out, because you understand each other, you don't let every small disagreement get in the way of the bigger picture.

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Sign #2 That You Have A Healthy Relationship: You Aren't BORED

You may not be aware of this, but boredom is the number one cause of cheating. If you find yourself always feeling bored or always expecting your partner to entertain you...then you are on the verge of pushing your relationship into an unhealthy one.

Healthy relationships do not have partners who constantly depend on each other to keep each other entertained, because they can naturally find new ways to challenge each other.

Welcome challenges into your relationship, because they will prevent both of you from becoming bored, and in the end both of you will always feel satisfied.

Sign #3 That You Have A Healthy Relationship: You Can Let Things Go

Do you or your partner let things go, or do both of you hold grudges? You see, if you find that neither of you can easily let issues go, and that both of you always bring it up in future arguments, this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

In a healthy relationship, both partners will be able to easily let things go, because they are working together, not against each other. They are also able to let things go more easily, because they change and make efforts not to make the same mistakes again.

This is because each partner knows what they want from each other and from themselves. When you don't know what you want, you will find that you feel offended easily when your partner does something which isn't exactly what you expect... and you will also find that you may like one thing about them one minute, but a month later hate that same exact thing.

You should also understand that the reason why neither of you is able to let things go, is because neither of you wants to change, and if neither of you is willing to change, the relationship is going to go nowhere, because every healthy relationship has a healthy amount of change, which is the kind of change that moves both of you forward.

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When a relationship is on the verge of going downhill there are some warning signals. All of us identify these signals but use the ostrich approach. We bury our heads in the sand and pretend that things will tide over by themselves. But that never happens. If you want to save your relationship from breaking up then here are the things that you need to start doing.

Look at the symptoms
Begin to identify the symptoms that make you feel like your relationship is heading southward. It could be your spouse or partner avoiding you or being mean. It could be too many unnecessary fights or it could be cheating. Be open and honest and look at all the symptoms that present themselves.

Identify the causes
Now the symptoms are not what is wrong with your relationship. It's the underlying cause that encourages these symptoms that is the problem. Identify these causes if you want to save the relationship. These obviously are not going to be pretty so steel yourself and be ready to face the truth.

Start talking
Most relationships fail because communication stops. Start talking to your partner/spouse and openly discuss the causes and symptoms that you have been analyzing. Sometimes this is enough to get a relationship back on track.

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Don't let opposition deter you
If your partner has still not come to accept that the relationship is dwindling, you will be faced with some opposition. You have to show your maturity and perseverance at a time like this and convince the other person that your relationship needs some hard work.

Don't take advice
Most couples go and talk to their friends when they begin to suspect something is amiss in the relationship. Friends cannot offer unbiased advice and often agree with things that are not. Also they are afraid of unbalancing the personal equation they share with you and will not be harsh or completely truthful when needed.

Confide in a counselor
The best thing to do is to head to a counselor who will be able to give you an objective opinion on everything and will help you chalk out a way of salvaging the relationship. Since he/she will not know you at a personal level helping you will become a lot easier.

Have patience
Simply going to a counselor does not make things ok. You will have to work hard and walk together on the path shown by him/her. Things take time to sort out so have patience and continue to work hard on your relationship and save it from breaking up.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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