How to Give a Girl Pleasure She Will Never Forget: How to Give a Woman the Biggest Orgasm Ever

Giving a girl total and complete satisfaction is something that you can do as soon as tonight. You can learn some tips that will help you along your path to giving a girl pleasure she will never forget. You can master the female orgasm and be able to give her some of the best pleasure that she has ever had in her whole life. If you want to make this happen, you have to read on.

The female orgasm is more than just what men think it is. You cannot just rub the clitoris for a few minutes and expect her to feel pleasure from it. You have to put in more effort than that if you want to see some great results. If you want to make her climax, then you should spend more time on foreplay in order to get her into the mood. Take the time and spend the time to get her mind in the right frame of mind. You want her to be ready for pleasure and you want to have her dripping wet with excitement. The only way that you can achieve this is if you give her foreplay and create anticipation for pleasure.

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If you can do that, then the rest is easy. Once she is throbbing with excitement, then your touch will feel electric to her. It will feel like a whole new sensation because of this added foreplay that you used. You got her excited for pleasure and it was something that you hadn't done before. Now when you are stimulating her, she is more into it because it feels better and because she enjoys it more. Now it won't be as difficult to get her to orgasm and it will be better for her.

Continue to rub her clitoris, as you normally would in soft yet fast motions. This is how you get her going and how you bring on orgasm. You can also pair this with g-spot stimulation to send her over the edge.

Remember to watch her body closely and to pay attention. Women are always aware of what they are doing to us and they know how to place their hands or how to please us so they don't accidentally hurt us. Make sure that you are being cautious, as your woman would be. That way you will insure that you are giving the best pleasure of her life and that you are going to become the best that she has ever had.

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Enabling a girl's orgasm is important and giving her multiple orgasms is the highlight of a man's enthusiasm when having sex with his girl.

It is for the man to know how to satisfy his girl and give her the mind blowing orgasms she looks forward to when having sex with him.

Once you have discovered her highly sensitive points every thing will automatically fall into place.

o Since sex is in the mind of a girl the most important thing is to begin with is the romantic and amorous talk that will arouse her.

You must act romantic too along with the talk so that her imagination flies high and she knows that she will have the time of her life in bed with you.

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o Foreplay is another of the important things that needs a lot of attention. Linger over this and do it leisurely so that her entire body tingles with craving for sex.

Kissing and caressing is the all so important need for them. The more you use your fingers and also your tongue when tingling her will help arouse her.

o Next when you undress her go about the caressing in a systematic way. First caress the breasts along the mound and also the thighs. Do not go further.

Do introduce some teasing by intermittently tweezing the nipples and inserting your finger or the penis into the vagina. Do not linger long, however, when using the penis or you might find yourself ejaculating too soon.

o Once she is near orgasming try to locate the g spot to titillate and stimulate it for more orgasms. You may alternate the finger with the penis when doing this.

While stimulating her g spot, caress the breasts, and also kiss her simultaneously. True it is a difficult feat to do all this simultaneously but it will help you give her multiple orgasms.

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In this article, you and I are going to take a deep look into FEMALE SEXUALITY. More specifically, we are going to talk about something that many women say to their men about sex and what they really mean.

Oftentimes women say one thing and mean another, especially when they are talking to their man about sex. The reason why they do this is usually to protect their man's feelings. In other words... they are trying to make sure that they do not hurt him.

If you are a man who wants to get a better understanding of women and how they think, read on very carefully...

Here Is Something That Women Say To Their Men About Sex And What They Really Mean

"Honey, I'm Just Not In The Mood At The Moment"

I think every man on the planet has heard this line at some point during a sexual relationship.

Now here's the thing...

If your woman says she's not in the mood and she is going through a period of extreme stress in her life, you probably do not need to worry about it. During extreme stress, the sex drive can often decline.

Also, if your woman tells you that she is "not in the mood at the moment" and it lasts for a few days -- that's probably fine too because people (both women and men) often have periods of a few days when they are not feeling very sexual.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

However, many women say this to their men and it lasts the entire duration of the relationship.

At this point, many men go into the mindset where they feel that their woman is no longer sexual and that they must now try to 'win' sex from their woman by doing other things in exchange for sex (like doing house-work or buying gifts).

Such thinking is faulty and leads to lame sex happening once a week, once a month or not at all.

If your woman is constantly telling you that she is "not in the mood at the moment", you need to do something about it and realize the truth about what she is really saying.

Here is the TRUTH about what "Honey, I'm not in the mood at the moment" really means, 99% of the time...

It means that the man is giving the woman LOUSY sex and she cannot be bothered with it anymore.

Remember this FACT -- men are happy just getting sex, but women only want GREAT SEX.

So here are two more points you should be very interested in:

1. It is wrong to think that a woman's sex drive naturally declines after she has been in a relationship for a few weeks, months or years. A woman's sex drive nearly always declines because she is not getting GREAT SEX

2. GREAT sex happens when the man is sexually dominant, leads his woman in the bedroom, TALKS DIRTY to her, makes the sex interesting and different every time and give his woman VAGINAL ORGASMS during intercourse.

Do you give your woman all of that? If not, you might start hearing those ugly words...

"Honey, I'm just not in the mood at the moment"

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Face it: your girlfriend would never directly tell you how much she really LOVES getting oral sex. Sadly, not a lot of men enjoy going down on women and therefore never put this on their list of priorities. However, if you can master the secrets to giving great oral sex, your girlfriend is sure to become addicted to you due to the pleasure that she gets from your tongue.

Keep reading to find out killer tips to give your girlfriend mind-blowing oral sex and make her head spin with pleasure...

Tip Number One: Use every tool available. Keep in mind that you have your fingers, tongue and lips to use during oral sense. Therefore, to ensure your girlfriend's ultimate satisfaction, you have to use all of these tools to make her reach pure pleasure. This can be done ideally through foreplay.

Tease her with licks on her thighs and labia area instead of aiming straight for her clitoris. If she has to anticipate the clitoris reach beforehand, she will go absolutely wild - and that would be a good thing.

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Tip Number Two: Penetrate her right. After licking women's clitoris', men seem to just stop. If you were a real expert, you would know that your tongue would also be a great tool to penetrate your girlfriend with and make her orgasm through nothing but oral sex.

Keep in mind that her vaginal area is very sensitive, too, so you need to be careful not to hurt her when you reach it. Some pain may not be too, bad, though, and may even boost the sensation, so try and experiment as much as you can.

Tip Number Three: Train your fingers. As your lips and tongue pleasure your girlfriend orally, let your fingers help in making her feel even better. For instance, as your tongue licks her clitoris, your fingers can have some fun with the rest of her body. Doing this happens to give women more pleasure, so that when you penetrate her, she will get intense orgasms every time. Try it out!

Tip Number Four: Change your speeds. As you lick your girlfriend, try not to overdo it by going into full speed at once. This would be wrong. You have to start off slow and be unpredictable with your movements.

As a matter of fact, stopping every now and then could prove to be highly effective, as she will get confused and eventually beg you for more. If you have already mastered how to give women orgasms through nothing but words, you could even get her to climax just by talking!

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