Couples are always looking for ways to enhance their lovemaking. Through the use of tantric massage techniques a couple will be able to achieve just that. Through the use of the art of Tantra a couple can learn ways that enables them to not only amplify but extend the bliss they feel when making love. Below we offer some sensual massage tips that can help to increase the feelings that a couple feel when making love.

Tip 1 - Make sure that the room in which the massage is to take place is warm. Also that both your hands and the oils being used during the massage are warm as well. Remember what you are aiming to do is get your partner relaxed so that their sexual experience is enhanced. This won't happen if they get shocked suddenly when you place cold hands or oil on to their body.

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Tip 2 - When it comes to Tantric massage techniques make sure that you touch their body very lightly in the beginning. However, although your touches on their body must be light you must make sure that your hands remain in contact with their body at all times. As you massage them making sure that you pay special attention to the middle of the body along with their head, throat, abdomen and bottom. What you shouldn't do is immediately start massaging the genital area but leave this until very last.

Tip 3 - As you do carry out a massage on your partner make sure that you pay close attention to how their body is reacting to what is happening. By watching the way their body reacts to certain things will help you to then focus on those areas that provide them with more pleasure. This in turn will help to ensure that the sexual experience of having a sensual massage is heightened even more.

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For some women, they are only able to climax through means of oral sex. This makes it very hard for some men to please a woman because their means are limited. If you expect to please your woman and to give her the kind of pleasure that she is craving daily, then you need to know how to become a master of oral sex.

You need to know how to go down on a woman and have her climaxing in seconds. You want to be able to bring her to orgasm with just your tongue and you want to drive her literally wild. Also, you want to take her to a place that she has never been before. You want to send her into ecstasy and you want to drive her literally wild.

To give a woman this kind of amazing pleasure from oral, you need to learn a few tips to help you along. By learning some cunnilingus techniques, you will be able to master oral sex and you will be able to give her an orgasm each and every single time you go down on her. Never again are you going to feel embarrassed or feel like you can't give a woman great pleasure. All of that will change tonight.

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To go down on her the right way, you need to more with your mouth than just using your tongue. This is a mistake that a lot of men make. Of course your tongue is the star of the show but if you really want to send her into ecstasy, then you need to use your entire mouth on her. Use your lips and your tongue in combination and this will really drive her wild. Try kissing her down there with both your lips and your tongue. When she feels your wet tongue and your soft lips on her most sensitive area, it will send tingles and chills all up and down her spine and she won't know what hit her.

For some women, they need to feel penetration during oral sex and you need to give this to her. Use your fingers to insert into her body and this will really get her going. When you do this in combination of using your mouth on her, you are giving her stimulation from all angles and this will help to get her climaxing in seconds. The more stimulation you give to her, the stronger her orgasm and faster her orgasm will come.

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Thrust her in the right manner- The way you thrust her vagina will make the big difference when it comes to the matter of satisfying her in bed. This is where the true technique comes into play. You should thrust her in a way that it directly stimulates her G-spot. As you might be already aware that a girl has the ability to orgasm real fast if you effectively stimulate her G-spot. This spot is found two inches at the opening of her vagina right below her pubic bone. Therefore you must thrust in a way which would stimulate this part of her vagina the most.

Building anticipation- This is one technique which will help you become the ultimate sex god within no time. You see men want everything right now but when it comes to the matter of women they seem to enjoy it more when they are made to wait. They just love the suspense and they love it when anxiety is built. The same concept can be applied to sex and being great in bed. You see instead of directly getting into action you must tease her a bit and let the anticipation build. For example when you start foreplay try to kiss her but at the same time just rub your lips around her's and let her draw into you. The more you do this the more turned on she would be.

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Put in a lot of energy and drive- See there is a big difference between being good and being great in bed. A lot of guys out there move onto a girl's body as if they are doing something out of a routine. Unless you show some real energy she would not feel anything much and you might be able to get the desired outcome either. Therefore try to be highly energetic and try to have sex at the time when your and her energy levels are right up since that's the time when you will get maximum pleasure.

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Be what she wants you to be- Nothing would turn a girl on faster than being what she fantasies about. It's always recommended to ask the girl what she normally fantasizes about and try to fit into that role. You see by becoming something she likes you are some what bringing her dream into reality which would truly drive her wild.

Lasting longer is always the key- If there was one thing which would make her orgasm every single time then it would be how long you can hold before you climax. As you might already know that females take longer to climax as compared to men therefore you must train yourself to last longer in bed otherwise you will always struggle to satisfy her in bed.

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