Dear friend, this may well be the most important step as you progress through your life’s journey.

You must learn to give freely of the things that you hold, be they thoughts or material things.

Nothing that you have is really yours. You hold it temporarily, you are the temporary custodian. It is only by giving the things you have to another that you make these things your own.

The only things we really own are those things which we can give to others. This applies to all things, knowledge or power. The wealth that we give to others is the only wealth that we ever keep.

More and more of the wealth of the world comes to us as we demonstrate that we know how to use it wisely and to the benefit of others.

Another form of giving that should be practiced is the giving of good thoughts. At all times send good thoughts out upon the thought waves that circle the earth. They may find a welcome in the heart of some deserving soul who is hungry for the good thoughts of another.

Do not blame others for their errors. Think kindly of them for they know not what they do. Help others by giving them the assistance and the comfort of your thoughts - your kind thoughts, and your helpful thoughts.

You must learn to accept gracefully anything that is given to you. You must learn that accepting what is offered to you is actually helping another person to attain his/her destiny.

As you learn to accept, you likewise learn to give. The two are linked together by an unbreakable bond. And when you give, do not give with conditions or strings tied to your gift. Give freely from the fullness of your heart, knowing that it is coming from your source of supply.

And when you receive, accept with thankfulness in your heart. It is just another way in which the source manifests through you. When you give to others you are opening the way for more and greater blessings to be bestowed upon you. When you accept from others, you are opening the channel through which more permanent gifts may come to you.


Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.

With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill

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