How to Give Her a G-Spot Orgasm: How to Give Your Woman A Mind Blowing G-Spot Orgasm

The g-spot orgasm is a mystery to most adults -- male and female alike.

Most men have no idea how to give their women this type of SEXUAL PLEASURE and most women have therefore never had one. Right now you may be wondering:

"Why don't women give themselves a g-spot orgasm?"

And that's a very good question, one which I'll answer a little later in this article.

But first, let's look at the FACTS...

The facts are that:

- The g-spot definitely exists (but many people still think it's a myth)

- You will find your woman's g-spot inside her vagina, on the anterior (front) wall, approximately 1 or 2 inches in

- The g-spot is a slightly raised area of tissue and feels a little ridged and bumpy. This is in great contrast to the rest of the vagina which feels very smooth. This means that it is very easy to find

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REMEMBER -- it's only an inch or two in and it is raised and a little bumpy and ridged.

The next question you probably have is:

"Why should I even care about giving my woman g-spot vaginal orgasms when I can just get her off with clitoral stimulation?"

Here's the thing...

Clitoral stimulation is all well and good, but it has its limitations and you'll never totally SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman by only giving her clitoral orgasms.

To totally sexually satisfy her, you must give her VAGINAL ORGASMS too. And the g-spot orgasm is the most basic of all vaginal orgasms.

By the way -- the majority of women who aren't sexually satisfied end up CHEATING to get BETTER SEX. Do I have your attention?


Then let's move on and talk about what will happen when you get your woman off through g-spot stimulation...

When you start giving your woman these type of orgasms, you can definitely expect the following things to become true:

- Her LIBIDO will INCREASE. Said differently -- she'll want more sex. Way more sex. (This is because she'll be having more orgasms each time you make-love to her)

- She'll give you more pleasure. This happens every time a man 'steps his bedroom game up' and starts really pleasing his woman.

- You'll become her perfect lover, meaning that she won't be thinking about having sex with other men. After-all, why would she? You're giving her everything she wants IN THE BEDROOM.

Oh and finally, let's talk about how to give your woman a g-spot orgasm...

It's actually quite simple -- just use your middle finger to massage the area using a 'come hither' motion and plenty of pressure.

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Create extreme desire- Getting a girl to orgasm does not mean just having intercourse with her. You see when it comes to women it all start with their mind. Their mind is the strongest sexual organ they have which can make them go absolutely wild with pleasure. Therefore the very first step towards giving her multiples is to create massive desire. The best way to do that is to start it all by talking. Discuss her most secret fantasies and tell her you will bring them to life tonight. You see the sheer matter of desire would turn her on in ways you can't imagine.

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Get her to a state of excitement- Once she is high on desire make her get to a state where she is highly excited. This can normally be done by stimulation all the soft spots in her body such as her ear lobes, inner thighs, breasts, neck area etc. Her breathing would instantly increase and her heart beat would climb as she gets more excited.

Make her wait till she can't bear it anymore- This is the part where she would blast into several orgasms one after the other. Several guys feel that it's all about how strong you are at thrusting but this is simply not true. You see it's all about her levels of arousal and how turned on she is. Therefore you should make her wait for intercourse till the time where you feel she just can't take it anymore as that's the time when she will orgasm instantly when penetrated.

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Most of the women ware very shy to verbally tell you what they expect and need from you when you are in bed with her. Therefore, you can just try out some romantic sex ideas that would surely have her going wild.

Start foreplay by setting an ideal mood in which your partner is comfortable. Most of the women would love romantic ambience and so you can take time to set the right mood by using some romantic candles and perfumes.

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This would make her comfortable while also show that you care for her by taking this extra effort.

Now that your perfect mood is set it is time to get physical. You can spice up things with a gentle and sexy massage. It is considered as the best foreplay ideas to have her going wild.

Invest in some really good scented massage oils and slowly start massaging your partner. Make it slowly while also enjoying caressing her body. You can even do it on both the sides.

By now she will be really aroused so you can start kissing her and also use your hands to gently touch her body throughout. You can start kissing some of her sensitive parts like her neck, back and her upper chest.

You can even get down on her and start kissing her lower thighs and slowly moving up towards her upper and back thighs. You can even finger her genitals, which will surely make her go wild and ask for sex.

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