Have you ever wondered what makes a visitor leave your ECommerce Website without any activity?

Sometimes you may be number one in your services, in your product offerings but fail to notice that its the look and feel of the website that matters the most.

A lot of thought goes into accomplishment when a customer visits your website and it is the “Look and Feel” that sums up the company or individual.

To give an enhanced customer experience you need to know what “look and feel” really means, and how you can accomplish it to give your website a professional look?

“Look And Feel”, What Exactly Is It?
Taking the terms in the most basic way, the “Look” means how the site looks to the user and “Feel” defines the way the user feels when he or she is interacting with it.

Components of a website template that define “Look”-
-> Color Scheme
-> Images
-> Fonts
-> Styling
-> Theme

“Feel” of a website template is defined following characteristics-
The response of dynamic components like drop-down menus, button, forms, and galleries.
Loading speed of website pages
Animations and effect

Why “Look and Feel” is important to give an e-commerce website a professional look?

The overall look and feel of a website are important as it is the first thing a visitor notices before looking down to your services and products. Before you redesign your website template to give it a professional look, check your goals with industry standards.

A professional e-commerce website should be powerful in its appeal, look fresh and well organized. Your website’s personality should speak out the attitude of your business, should fit your objectives and client’s requirements and expectations.

Some of the qualities your e-commerce website template poses-
-> Friendly
-> Approachable
-> Professional
-> Responsive
-> Stylish
-> Powerful
-> High-Tech

Choose the best website template that is more creative with colors, texture and image choices. Read through 6 tips before choosing a professional website template for your website-


Look and Feel of any website template get a more fun, goofier, more serious and more down-to-business if you pick up a correct font.

For a professional look of your website pick a font that matches your company’s style and culture. Proper fonts set the tone for the entire page.

Use large fonts for heading and subheading, titles and important need to know information.

Pay attention to following aspects before selecting fonts for your website template-
-> Keep Fonts Readable
-> Make A Difference - Before pairing up fonts make sure they differ enough
-> Have Something In Common- Choose fonts with similar traits
-> Think About The Style - Have a clear and contrast pairing
-> Don’t Blow Things Out Of Proportion-  pay attention to length and height of letters

2. Color Schemes

A perfect color scheme is important to give your website a professional look, like text it can highly influence the immediate likeability and appeal of an e-commerce website.

It is very much suitable for a website to have a consistent color scheme so that the users don’t constantly need to readjust themselves each time they visit a page.

A color scheme should be chosen that fits the business goals, like pink, cannot be used for a site that is into recycling and green cannot be fit into children’s website.

Choose the right color scheme for your e-commerce website-
Select an average of 3 colors and use them consistently throughout your site.
Create high contrast between page’s background and text to ensure proper readability.
-> Avoid colors overload
-> Don’t neglect white

3. Check For Purpose And Audience

Before planning any e-commerce website you must know your target market. It is also important to create a realistic schedule for development and consider budget and human resource concerns.

You need to understand the target audience. Once you get to know the answers to questions below, it will be easy for you to choose the e-commerce template that speaks specifically to the audience-

-> Who is the ideal audience group you want to reach?
-> What is their demographic?
-> What are their age and gender?
-> What will be their motivation to come to your website?
-> What needs your website will fulfill?
-> What will drag them to your website?

All these answers will give you a better idea for design and development of your website, you will be able to give them a better exposure to current brands and products. Your e-commerce website will be more brand oriented and audience oriented.

4. Keep It Simple - The Layout

Visitors hate a cluttered site. It becomes hard to navigate through a website which is not well organized.

An e-commerce website has to be kept clean and jumble free and great at directing users exactly where they need to go as a visitor has to surf through the site to find the right product for them.

Designing the layout-

-> Each section of a website has a story to tell.
-> Each layout need to keep the content highlighting depicting the important pieces of the story
-> Avoid too many calls to a page. For an e-commerce site, it is necessary to have easy checkouts.

Think about the most simple layout for your e-commerce website and start adding components to it.

5. Choose Better Images

To make your e-commerce website really stand out from the crowd and look more professional use big, high-quality and beautiful images and a good quality logo design.

Product pages are the most important element of an eCommerce website, in that you need to have the images that immediately build credibility and draw the user in.

-> The right image will draw attention
-> Images keep holding to an e-commerce website
-> A wrong image will distract and make the audiences leave the site
-> Find e-commerce theme that has a balance between images.
-> Images help you get direct traffic

6. Background

An e-commerce website draws the attention and it is important to create a proper contrast between BACKGROUND and the PAGE COLOR.

Backgrounds have to be simple and sophisticated. It can be a single color fitting easy on the eyes or a photo that mesmerizes the visitor. For an e-commerce website, you cannot include colors that are too loud on appeal.

It has to be overwhelming and reflecting your business style. Different owners of different niche choose the color as the background. The science of color in e-commerce market goes as follows-

-> Yellow- Optimistic and youthful. Used to grab the attention of window shoppers.
-> Red- Symbolises energy. Often used for sales clearance.
-> Blue- Color of trust and security. Seen with banks and businesses
-> Green- Associated with wealth. Most suitable for eyes. Mostly used in Health and Spa stores.
-> Orange- Aggressive color. Creates a call to action like BUY or SELL.
-> Pink- A color representing romance and feminism. Used to promote products of women and young girls.
-> Black- Powerful and sleek color. Used to promote and market luxury products.

Follow the above instructions and decide the best website theme for your eCommerce website. All these things make it easier for you to communicate with the visitors. To get easy access to these features you may the free website templates available at ThemeJungle.

All the free website templates are designed knowing that visceral reactions are something that visitors trust. With the website themes make your visitors feel welcomed when they land into your eCommerce online store

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