You must have already seen that the internet offers numerous good and an equal amount of harmful downloads at the very outset. The latter can ruin your PC as there are multiple malware, viruses, and Trojans that get into the system to destroy it in front of your own eyes. Hence, it would help if you had a little caution, and the safest way is to go to trustworthy sites like here at so that you may quickly download your free windows movie maker without any problem.

Top Win Movie Maker is currently the leading site where you can rest your passions for professional movie making. It is also the best download that can ignite your passion for fast video and audio files. It is a powerful video creating and editing software that is very well protected for users with Avast and AVG virus software. Hence, you have nothing to fear while downloading windows live movie maker onto your PC or desktop.

Accessible to Use and Powerful Software

The current windows movie maker 2021 is powerful enough to support your creative endeavors in creating and editing Windows and not Mac applications. In other words, the software is designed for the latest series of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You will find that the older version works for Windows XP and Vista. It is primarily meant for users who love specific features like transitions, titles, credits, effects, audio track, timeline, and Auto Movie.

However, with this movie maker software, you can make new effects and transitions or modify them with the help of XML code. You will be surprised to note that the movie maker download is also a basic audio editing program and helps you with effects like fade-in and fade-out. The audio tracks can then be exported as a sound file than a video file.

Windows Interface Environment for Best Editing

After the installation is over, you can start editing right away with the help of the video editor timeline feature. You can edit clips by dragging them to various places on the timeline. Each clip is tiny, and you can use the audio waveform too for each clip. With this kind of feature in window movie maker free download, you get to know where your video's quietest and loudest parts are on the clips.

Next, on the movie maker windows 7, you will find the zoom button at the bottom for you to zoom in and zoom out clips for detailed editing. You can also crop and split your video clip with the help of your cursor by placing it on the area of your choice. You will indeed find this movie maker great fun, and you can quickly get to learn a lot on the job.

It is indeed a straightforward way to make movies, video clips for social media, professional work-specific, instructional videos, and audio tracks. You will surely benefit immensely with windows movie maker download on your desktop.

Overall you get to import and organize titles, transitions, stabilization, visual effects, and sharing options with your new Movie Maker.

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