Growing marijuana or Weed, seen from the outside, can seem like a difficult and cumbersome process, but the truth is very different since anyone with the desire can successfully grow Weed. Of course, it is worth finding out first about the most important aspects concerning cultivation. And If you are also interested in doing Marijuana, Weed Business then you may Start a Weed Delivery Service business is a great alternative to the traditional route of opening a dispensary and you start this business with a low capital amount.

In this article on how to grow Weed, we will tell you what you need to know before growing your own.

Choose the variety

The first thing to do before anything else is to choose the variety you plan to grow. To do this, you need to think about what you want to do with Weed once the process is complete: if you want to consume it recreationally, for example, you should opt for varieties with a higher THC index.

In addition, you need to think about space, as well as the climate in which you find yourself. Also if you are going to plant it outdoors or if, on the contrary, it will be an outdoor crop. This will greatly determine what the next steps will be.

Choose the lights that your plants will receive

Most first-time growers do so indoors. In these cases, you need to provide your plants with the light they need to carry out photosynthesis optimally.

Among the most popular options are LED, HPS, and CFL lights. The formers are among the most popular among growers since they emit a good amount of light and do not generate heat, although they tend to be a bit more expensive; HPS have been quite common for decades and are great for large-scale crops, but the only problem is that they generate a lot of heat and power. Finally, CFLs are the most used in small crops, because they are cheap and do not generate as much energy expenditure, but in large-scale crops they are ineffective.

After you decide which light is best suited to your grow, you should set a schedule to provide the correct amount of light for your plants, especially if they are photoperiod.

Provide a quality medium and take care of the fertilizer

When we refer to a quality medium, we are talking about the medium in which your plants will grow. The most classic thing is that they are grown on land, but there are also crops that are grown in water; These are called hydroponic crops. But if you don't want to get too complicated, try to choose the soil where you will plant well, remember that not all soils are the same and that some have more nutrients than others.

Similarly, you should give your Weed plants a good fertilizer. If you are a beginner, instead of opting for compost, opt for prepared fertilizers, which provide the minimum of nutrients so that they grow correctly.

When to know that your harvest is ready

After spending a lot of time caring for your plants, you should know when is the ideal time to harvest, so that you can get the best of the weed plants that you have grown with so much care and dedication.

For this, it is necessary that you pay attention to the trichomes, which are protective resin glands, which can be found in flowers and sizes. It is difficult to see them with the naked eye, but with a magnifying glass, anyone can do it. These are first transparent, then they become opaque and, finally, they become amber. The ideal is to harvest when they are opaque so that you enjoy greater benefits from the flat.

Research on the topic
These are some fairly general points about growing, to give you an idea of ​​the most important aspects. But the most advisable thing is that you investigate thoroughly all the aspects so that your harvest is stupendous.

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