Height is an important factor which gives a boost to your personality and makes you more attractive. If you are a teenager or an adult who wants to add few more inches to his/her height without going for the synthetic supplements, height gain pills or surgery then you have to take the safe route means the natural way of growing taller.

Natural ways to grow taller

Balanced diet

These days, kids, teenagers and adults are very much after the junk and unhealthy food which has low or no nutritional value but has loads of calories to make you plump. One should always remember that excessive fat or plumpness in body can make you appear short. Therefore, it is very important to stay fit and have proportionate body which can give you a tall appearance overall. Here are following suggestions to make your diet a healthy one

• Add more protein especially the lean protein to your diet as it is responsible for growth and repair of the body cells. The rich sources of lean protein are poultry meat, fish, soy, milk and dairy products which will promote muscle growth and bone strengthening.

• Since your motive is height gain therefore growth of bones is very important and calcium is very essential for bones development. Therefore you have to take calcium rich sources like green leafy vegetables, kale, dairy products etc.

• Include Zinc rich sources in the diet like oysters, wheat germ, pumpkin and squash seeds, lamb, peanuts, and crab. It is found that there is some link between zinc deficiency and stunted growth.

• Another nutrient helping in bone growth is Vitamin D which facilitates the absorption of calcium in the body. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to stunted growth and weight gain in teenage girls. The rich sources of vitamin D are fish, Alfa Alfa and mushrooms.

Physical activity

Nobody can deny the benefits of exercise and other physical activities like outdoor sports, walking, using stairs, carrying groceries, gardening etc. It keeps you fit and in shape while maintain an active metabolism. But the biggest advantage is that if you practice exercise from an early age then it can help you in attaining your maximum height. Here are some tips to increase activity in your daily life:

• Try to play your favorite outdoor sport like badminton, tennis, football or cricket etc. frequently because it will make you happy and keep you fit. It will increase the good hormones in body and reduces the stress hormone which helps in production of more growth hormone.

• Try to walk as much as possible because this simple exercise can help in maintaining an active metabolism and burn calories. You can walk to buy groceries, library, school etc. and burn calories without even realizing it.

• You can also join a gym to get a more professional training from an expert. You can also join any yoga school where you can get guidance on stretching exercises which are more beneficial for your height.


Resting your body is as important as indulging into physical activities because it gives your body time to repair the wear and tear of the body at cellular level. Besides that, it reduces the level of stress hormone in the body and induces the production of growth hormone. Enough sleep revitalizes the metabolism and keep the biological clock in check. Here are some tips to get a sound sleep:

• Eat a light dinner an hour before retiring for bed. Avoid any caffeine containing beverages like tea or coffee as it can keep you awake.

• Take a night walk to relax your body and mind.

• Keep your sleeping place clean and free from distractions like television or any other noise generating sources.

• Avoid working on your laptop, desktop or mobile before your sleeping time because the light emitting from these devices can interfere in the production of sleeping hormone melatonin.

• If you are still facing problem in falling asleep then you can take melatonin supplement after consulting your doctor.

Growth arresting chemicals

There are several things which consumption can cause stunted growth therefore it is better to stay away from such chemicals and compounds from an early age especially during puberty when your growth is its maximum.

Here are some chemicals listed which are responsible for stunted growth:

Drugs and alcohol – certain drugs and alcohol intake can arrest your growth because it can interfere with your metabolism which will lead to malnutrition and eventually stunted growth.

Caffeine – although it doesn’t have direct effect on the body growth but it can keep you awake causing sleep deprivation which can indirectly cause reduction in level of growth hormone in the body.

Smoking – the research is going on the effects of smoking on growth of the body and it is found that people who smoke or exposed to second hand smoke are shorter than the non smokers.

Steroids – Anabolic steroids can arrest bone growth in children and teens along with decreasing sperm count, reducing breast size, increasing risk of heart diseases and increasing blood pressure. Kids and teenagers having asthma use inhalers which contain steroid and therefore they are found to be shorter than the patients who are not using steroids.

Hidden height

Many people don’t care about their posture while sitting, walking or standing which causes slumping of shoulders and hunching of back. These things make you look shorter even when you have a good height. To reveal your hidden height you must follow these steps:

• Always stand and sit straight without hunching your back

• Spread out your shoulders slightly towards the back

• Keep your neck aligned with your back when you stand, sit or walk

We have seen that by changing few things in our daily life, we can actually add few more inches to our existing height in a natural and safe way. So follow the above tips and make your personality more attractive!!

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Samar Pahwa is a co-founder of Blogging Studio | Chief Blogger of Find Health Tips; Health Keeda and passionate digital marketer, and SEO consultant and aspirant programmer.