Instagram is nothing without hashtags as hashtags give you higher engagement rates than the post without hashtags. If your post is with hashtags, then engagement rates are 30% more than the post without hashtags. Hashtags also help you to get More Instagram Likes and more engagements. So hashtags strategy is an effective way to grow your account. You can get more followers, improve your posts, build a community and get higher engagement rates through hashtags. Instagram is the number one platform in all social media networks and also have lots of tools but you cannot ignore the importance of hashtags. There are many types of hashtags which people are using in different situations. These are branded hashtags, campaign hashtags, and community hashtags. You can grow your account in many ways.

1- Track Your Instagram Hashtags Success:

With the post insights, you can track your Instagram hashtags success. When you want to grow your business, then you should look at Instagram insights. You can check how your hashtags are working to get more views and a higher number of audiences with Instagram insights. It also gives you the opportunity to check whether you are using the right hashtags or not. In Instagram, just open the post and tap the button of “View Insights” below the text. When you tap that button, you get a page in which you can view the follows, reach, profile visits and breakdown of how and where your posts were discovered.

2- Later’s Hashtags Analytics:

Instagram Graph API is the tool through which you can check Instagram analytics directly. Through Later’s Hashtags analytics, you can discover which are the effective hashtags and also give you benefits in terms of growing your business. It also helps you in refining your hashtags strategy by eliminating the hashtags that are not giving you the results. It can also give you results to track key insights in which you can track which hashtags are giving you most likes, comments, and impressions. It also gives you results which hashtags give you saves and reach on your Instagram posts.

3- Add Instagram hashtags to Your Instagram Stories:

Instagram has recently announced that you can now add hashtags to your Instagram stories. In this way, you can get a higher number of followers and a higher number of audiences. When you want to include the hashtags in your stories, you can add text and include hashtags. You can add up to 10 hashtags in your story. You can also add the hashtags sticker or a single hashtags of your choice. By adding the hashtags in your stories, people can easily explore you through the search page or explore page.

4- Add Clickable Hashtags to Your Instagram Bio:

It is Instagram new feature in which you can add the clickable hashtags to your Instagram bio. Now hashtags in the bio can give you even more engagement rates and a greater number of followers. Your bio becomes more functional. Just add # before any word in your bio, then a clickable link is made which will lead visitors to that hashtags.

5- Use Popular Hashtags to Increase Your Views:

Sometimes using the popular hashtags will increase your followers and a higher number of audiences but sometimes this is not the case. There are some hashtags that receive regular use. Because using the popular hashtags will sometimes not giving you the targeted results because these are popular hashtags and people do not discover you sometimes in a long run? But there are some lovely hashtags which people always love to follow. The people who sometimes come across the particular hashtags of yours in the search result and if they like it, they start following you because of the hashtags.

6- Use Highly Specific Hashtags to Reach Your Ideal Audience:

Sometimes using the highly specific hashtags help you a lot in reaching the ideal audience. Sometimes people do not search for specific hashtags but if the people are particular about the related thing and the topics are of their concern, then it is obvious that there is a chance that the number of your followers will increase in no time. You should use the generic hashtags according to your post and then go towards the more specific hashtags by breaking the topic. If you have your business account related to food, you will use the #food but when you go towards specificity, you should use a more specific hashtags like #foodlove, #dinnertime or #dessert.

7- Finding the Right hashtags for Your Post:

Firstly, people use the 30 hashtags in a single post and they think that this is the mind-blowing idea to get your post at the top position. But actually, this does not work. In fact, you should use suitable hashtags in your posts. When you type the keywords related to your post in the Instagram search function, you will get the right hashtags for your post. You can also use influencer’s hashtags that they use in your industry.

8- Use the Social Media Tools to Find the Best Hashtags:

There are some useful and popular tools with the help of which people can find the best hashtags for their post. Instagram hashtags Generator is a tool which gives you popular and trendy hashtags on Instagram. Hashtagify is also the tool in which you enter the suggested hashtags and it will give you the related results for Instagram. Iconsquare is the tool which gives you the analytics results. It will give you a hashtags list of different posts, videos, and photos through which the people grow with the help of different hashtags. When you get hashtags then you can use Likesgainer Instagram Auto Liker amazing feature Liking by Hashtags to grow fast on Instagram with Hashtags Marketing strategy.

Final Words:

Instagram is growing well in the long run of social media competition. One of the factors of Instagram success in social media is hashtags usage. Hashtags are very essential in Instagram account growth as we get higher engagement rates and a greater number of followers because of Instagram. The hashtags marketing strategy works very well for the business people to grow their account and get the maximum number of followers to become their customers.

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My Name is Ayesha Kayani, I am a Digital Marketing Expert And Freelance Content writer. I am a Marketing Manager at Hazara Technologies and provide Marketing services.