First things first, growing your instagram followers isn’t rocket science. You can get fairly impressive results by just sticking to some simple but effective ways of attracting followers naturally to your account.

With that being said, let us simply cut to the chase and find out what’s working for many when it comes to gaining followers organically on Instagram.

Following Your Target Audience
Well, this is probably the most basic yet effective thing you need to know about when you’re looking to grow your Instagram account. However, it isn’t exactly as simple as it sounds, primarily because finding your right target audience may turn out to be quite a task.

That being said, what you would want to do first is find (popular) accounts that are exactly in the same niche as yours (or as relevant to it as possible). However, instead of simply jumping into doing what most others do – following their followers crazily – you would want to analyze their account a bit.

This would help you figure out what’s working for them and how they are attracting their followers. If you fail to do that, you may end up with a terrible follow-back ratio even after following their followers. Once you have figured out what your game plan should be (based on your analysis of the popular accounts in your niche), you may want to post content that would help convert the users you follow into your followers.

Finally, remember that following others’ followers may only make them discover your account, but it’s the content that would decide whether they end up being your followers.

Liking Others’ Photos
It is somewhat related to what we mentioned above, yet many people fail to use this method to its full potential. And when we say liking photos, we don’t mean going on a photo-liking spree.

Instead, we think the results would turn out to be way more effective if you take the time to go through a few photos on someone’s account, like them, and even leave a genuine comment. It would probably make you stand out from all others who simply like just one of their photos or post a generic comment, translating to a much better chance of converting them into a follower.

Ask Your Followers to “Take Action”
As simple as it may sound, it may work surprisingly well. If you’re simply sharing content without a proper call-to-action, you’re probably missing out on a lot of traffic or the ability to make your (good) posts go viral.

It’s because even if you share really good stuff that your followers like, it may not strike them to share or even like it. On the other hand, if you ask them to like the post if they agree with it (if the post says something encouraging or inspirational), or tag a friend if it’s a funny post, you may be able to get so much more out of the content you share.

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