How To Handle A Flirting Husband: When Your Husband Flirts In Front Of You - What To Do When A Spouse Flirts Too Much

Flirting is as old as man. In the past, flirting was viewed with disgust and a flirt was considered out of tune with morality. But things have since changed.

Today, flirting is glamorized.

A flirt is considered "cool" and flirting is regarded as a 'legitimate' way to relieve stress. The internet has magnified this.

Some web sites promote what is called discreet flirting. Such web sites connect men and women, married or single, and encourage members to go beyond just friendship to something more intimate. These web sites openly promote illicit sexual behavior and tell married people that cheating on their partners is modern and smart.

Unfortunately, these web sites and their promoters have a great following. Consequently, flirting has grown from just an epidemic to a pandemic. No wonder many marriages are failing!

However, nothing can be further from the truth. The truth is, flirting is a betrayal of trust.

* A flirt is not a good candidate for marriage

* Any love relationship with a flirt is sure to hit the rocks

* Anyone who partners with a flirt for love is partnering with failure

Bottom line. A flirt lacks commitment. A flirt cannot commit to you or anyone. So, if you are serious about settling down and having a happy loving mate to spend the rest of your life with, make sure that person is not a flirt.

A flirt lacks trust. A flirt does not understand the value of trust. He throws it away for a few moments of pleasure. Flirting hurts its victims badly. But the flirt doesn't give a damn about that. Now you see why I say a flirt is a bad candidate for marriage.

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Flirting goes beyond just a betrayal of trust. It wrecks marriages and causes heartbreak. When the innocent partner finds out her spouse have been cheating on her, things are never quite the same again. Trust comes crumbling down and the relationship is at the verge of failure.

Just how important is trust and commitment in relationships?

Well, I'll tell you. Trust is everything. Without trust, there is little point in having a relationship. Commitment, in real terms, is devotion to one person, one love, one partner and just that partner. Commitment engenders trust. Where commitment is lacking, trust disappears.

To illustrate.

Would you trust a man who tells you he's in love with you and only you but then tells another woman exactly the same thing to get her to go out with him? Most likely you won't. You know why? Simply put, he's not committed to you alone. And so you can't trust him to protect your interests.

In summary, flirting is a blatant betrayal of trust. A flirt is a criminal.

Flirting destroys marriages and indeed, any love relationship. Sure, having so many women around you is fun. Every woman is unique in her own way. Your wife is unique in her own way too. So, you may feel you can fool around with the women so you get the best of both worlds, the best of every woman's world.

However, those few pleasurable moments in another woman's arms will ultimately destroy your marriage. You will lose everything you've worked hard to build.

Is flirting worth the cost?

No, No, No.

Love your mate. Stay with her. Commit to her. Do not betray her. Do not look at another woman lustfully. Do not even fantasize about how life will be in another woman's arms. Maintain, protect, and defend your commitment to your wife.

Detest flirting.

Your mate will love you for it. She will trust you. And your love will last forever. You will live happily ever after. In the end, that is what counts.

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Ten Commandments For a Happy Marriage

1. Love your spouse unconditionally.

2. Strive to always set a good example.

3. Place the interests and welfare of your spouse above those of your own.

4. Be faithful to your spouse in mind as well as body.

5. Provide for the needs of your spouse to the best of your ability.

6. Listen---really listen--- to what your spouse has to say.

7. Take your spouse's opinion into consideration before making any important decision.

8. Work to overcome undesirable traits in your own personality and behavior.

9. Continually seek ways to become a better husband or wife and parent.

10. Treat your spouse the way you want to be treated.

Can you imagine what would happen to the soaring divorce rate if even half of the married couples who seek a divorce in this country every year followed all or most of the commandments listed above? Like the original ten commandments of the Bible, not all of them are easy to keep, but they are a goal to strive for, and the closer we come to living the life they advocate, the happier we will be.

In the same way, the ten commandments of marriage listed above are a guide to a happier married life. With more than a million divorces a year in the United States, alone, it is past time to see if some of those marriages could be saved.

Maybe you have a reasonably happy marriage and are thinking, "Thanks, but no thanks. My marriage is just fine the way it is."

If that's true, you are a rarity. Most couples I know, if they are honest about it, can find one or several of the goals listed above that they could use a little work on. The first one, for example.

Does each of us really love our mates unconditionally? Sure, when everything is going the way we want it to and there has been little or no friction for a while, it is easy to say, "Sure, I love my wife/husband unconditionally." But suppose they walked in just now and admitted they had spent the rent money on lottery tickets? Wouldn't you be tempted to give them the cold shoulder---if not worse---for a while? I know I would. That first commandment doesn't say you won't disagree with your mate, or even have some unpleasant discussions. It says you are still to love the erring party, no matter what.

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The 4th commandment above warns us to be faithful to our spouses not only in body, but also in mind. Most physical affairs do start with the mind as two people connect emotionally with someone outside of their marriage. They start spending a lot of time sharing with each other, often over what only seems to be an innocent cup of coffee, and sadly, a deeper involvement follows.

Number 7 tells us to take our spouse's opinions into consideration. It is extremely hurtful for one or the other person in a marriage to express strong opinions against purchasing a particular item, only to have the other party go out and buy it anyway. If you can't agree on one item, why not compromise and buy something you both agree on? There aren't too many situations in life that don't have some alternate choices.

I love number 8, as long as it applies to my spouse. When I turn around and apply it to myself, that's a different story. None of us enjoys working on our own bad habits, but it extremely important in maintaining a happy marriage.

Were you sober, cheerful, considerate, and in reasonably good shape when you married? Then try to stay that way. Why should your mate who married the person described above enjoy being married to a fat slob who has taken to drinking, constant nagging and complaining, and who only cares about himself or herself?

The rest of the commandments for marriage are just as important if you want to have a happy one. Study each of them and put them into action in your own life and see if your marriage, even an already happy one, doesn't get even happier.

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It is true that the institution of marriage is currently taking a hard beating; if not from husbands cheating on their wives, then on wives who are nagging and leveling on their husbands, one accusation after another. Despite this though, there are those who are still keen on saving their marriages from the brink of collapse though they may not fully know how.

To save your marriage, you first need to know that marriage is team work between a husband and a wife. There is no one who should see themselves as more superior to the other. The both of you should also work on defending the marriage and guarding it against external negative factors. We should also appreciate that attraction towards others is natural and does not mean that the relationship should therefore end. The only thing you need to be careful about is making sure that this attraction does not come between the two of you to interfere with the marriage.

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You as the husband or the wife need to know the improvements you need to make in your relationship in order to revamp the marriage. A marriage that is under stress and a lot of tension can lead to unpredictable results and even divorce. Therefore, there should be increased intimacy between the two of you. Find time to do things together and renew your commitments to each other. Make the time to talk with each other about where you see the marriage is heading and some of the things you would like to see improved or changed. Some of the conversation could also be to reminisce about the good old days, cracking jokes and just being jokingly silly with each other. It is best to feel like kids again.

Saving a marriage involves opening up the doors to proper communication. As mentioned above, talk with each other. Do not argue or be ready to start a fight when you feel slighted. Do not accuse each other of things that may have happened, but try and find solutions to such things. Communication should also involve not being too proud to admit that you are wrong when you are and also apologizing to your spouse when you wrong them. You should strive to lessen the conflict between the two of you and try to have more fun together. Laughter should mark the beginning and end of each day in your marriage.

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Have you ever known someone that was a genius but didn't have a clue how to handle simple every day situations and dilemmas?. There are a lot of people that have been trained at the finest colleges and universities in the country that don't know a twit about the real world. Doesn't it seem logical that the best person to get advice from is someone that has actually been through it? Overcoming a relationship with all the "dirty laundry" and hurt feelings is one of the most difficult situations in life.

If you go to the bookstore the vast array of self help books is overwhelming. Why? Because there is money in it! Do they really have anything to say that will make a difference in your life? Most of them probably don't. A lot of these "professionals" are basically charging you for therapy by slapping their advice in a paperback. They probably figure that if they can't get you in their office at $80 to $100 an hour they might as well make a buck another way.

So what should you be looking for in a resource guide on relationships? First and foremost ask yourself the question: has the person that wrote this been through the experience I am dealing with? Are they really going to be able to help you when the "rubber meets the road"?

Does the relationship e book on the internet that you are considering buying seem like a bunch of fluff with very little substance? It's amazing how many people cobble together information that they find on the internet, re-package it and turn around and sell it.

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Be wary of any e book that starts out with something like this: put your relationship on hold for 30 days and work on yourself in the mean time. Most of the time they have taken snippets of information, double spaced it on a sheet of paper and tell you they are giving you 50 pages of timeless advice that ALWAYS works.

Testimonials are a big joke too ordinarily. Be a little skeptical about anything that sounds to good to be true. The authors cousin Vinny or Martha may have written the testimonials. How would you know?

Relationship advice books aren't going to do you any good if they don't give you a step by step plan to give your woman what she craves the most. You are just wasting your money if the material doesn't help you figure out how to get inside your guys head and get him back. Will the book provide strategies on getting through this time in your life?

As mentioned previously, the market is just saturated with books that are nothing more than drivel. You need someone that has been through the trenches and empathizes with you because they have been there too!

If you see a book that seems interesting go out on the internet and learn a little more about the author. Type in the name of the author or the name of the book and add the word "scam". You'll be amazed at the number of people that are willing to share their experiences. They'll tell whether it is junk or not!

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