The problem of homework is universal. Almost all parents experience homework problems with their children at one time or another and most experience it continuously. After school tutoring can be extremely helpful in this regard, whether it's carried out oneself or with the help of a professional.

Children need to do their homework themselves or it holds no value. Many parents fall into the trap of taking over from their children to make busy schedules and stress easier to cope with. Doing one's child's homework is a great disservice that is likely to leave kids less prepared for the upcoming years.

Tutors should have a good understanding of their role of supporting the development of a child. Making homework enjoyable is the best way to help children to learn more easily. Seek out a professional who can engage a child in a way that makes their learning together enjoyable.

There's much parents can do to support a tutor. They can help their children to build goals and create a time line for their achievement. These should be placed in a key area in the home where they are often seen and be presented in a way that's attractive to that particular child.

Rewards can have some value but they shouldn't be overestimated. Studies reveal that rewards systems can sometimes improve grades on a short term basis, but that they tend to be short lasting and do often fail. It's more efficient to develop an enthusiasm for the work in the child. Rewards should only be part of parental strategy.

Many countries' school systems place plenty of responsibility on young children. It can be difficult for many to find the time to play because they're loaded down with homework. When parental pressure to perform in extra mural activities is strong, this is made all the more damaging. Parents often believe extra pastimes and achievements will help their children to get acceptance at better universities. However, outdoor play has proven to be far more imperative to their brain development.

Children who are given time to play and create in ways that they enjoy build logic and reasoning. This development needs to happen at young ages. It helps children to use their right and left brains simultaneously during problem solving. This gives them the preparation they need for their school and life careers.

It's crucial that parents allow their children to spend sufficient time at play. A tutoring program should be only a segment of a child's life. It's up to parents to help their children to compartmentalize their lives so that there is a balance between work, play and creativity. Don't overwhelm a child with too much time spent with a tutor, instead keeping a balance.

Tutors should be the kind of people who can break problems down into small, understandable pieces that a child can understand. Those who used to be teachers often have this skill. There are many tutors, however, who have never worked as teachers but who are exceptional at what they do. When looking for after school tutoring professionals, it's often most revealing to speak to previous students and their parents because it reveals the results of their work.

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