When individuals are plagued with obsessive thoughts and keep reliving compulsive behaviors they are referred to as having an obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) condition. Every day each one of us have our own little regiments that we perform like at bedtime there are teeth brushing and face washing.

With those having an OCD illness, even these simple tasks can be disrupted. These individuals realize their obsessive and compulsive behaviors are self destructive but discontinuing this behavior is not an option for them.

Impulses or images and ideas that come into mind repeatedly are obsessions. The sufferer of OCD really wants these thoughts to disappear but do not know how to discontinue them. The degree of intensity of these obsessive images depends on the individual. Some people are just slightly bothered by them and others are constantly innovated with these destructive images.

Individuals who suffer from OCD usually feel fearful and nervous. In order to rid themselves of these upsetting feelings, they have their own set of guidelines they feel they much follow. Compulsions are the little rituals they have set for themselves and feel them must follow.

Some develop a compulsive behavior about germs and develop a germ phobia needing to be constantly washing their hands especially when out in public. If they wash their hands enough times the anxious feeling goes away for a brief period but when it comes back, they need to wash their hands again.

Some of the most frequent areas of obsession are constantly making things in perfect balance, a fear of germs or dirt, a fear of sinful thoughts, the need for constantly being reassured, worrying about doing a poor quality job even though it is obviously not true, and being afraid of hurting someone close to them.

Compulsiveness seems to show up most frequently as a need to be constantly showering, washing hands or cleaning and grooming. It can be about checking and rechecking that doors are locked and appliances shut off or drawers closed. It can be a person who needs to sit down and then get out of a chair or go in and out of a door or several times touching a certain object. Some people need to keep mail or containers or newspapers that are not necessary for anything.

For about three million people in the United States, obsessive-compulsive disorder is a problematic condition. This is true in males as well as females.

Unfortunately the experts from Supportive – Online Therapy & Counselling Platform have yet to find a solid reason for a person to be an obsessive-compulsive. Some experts think it is because certain chemicals called serotonin are not present in enough quantity to stop the repeated behaviors. Some people who have been put on medications that increase the serotonin in the brain actually do find relief from their OCD.

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