What is the meaning of divorce anyway?
Are these people cups and saucers?
When you cannot separate even a cup and saucer, how can you separate a man and a woman?
Once there used to be a vow of one wife, one husband. The kind of thinking, which prevailed, was that other than his own wife, a man would not even look at another woman.
Where then do thoughts of divorce have any dignity in such a place? Do you like divorces?

In the animal kingdom, amongst the dogs, there are divorces and now amongst the humans as well. So how are humans and animals different? Man lives like a beast. In our Hindustan, there would not be another marriage after the first one. If the wife dies, the husband never remarries. What spiritual purity was possessed by the men born back then! If a couple is on the verge of getting divorced, I will reunite them in one hour if you bring them to me. I will mend them in one hour, so they remain together again.

All these problems are merely fears due to a lack of understanding. Many couples that were separated have now been happily reunited. These are our moral values. Couples go on quarreling and yet they stay together for eighty years. Even during the funeral rites on the thirteenth day, the widow would prepare everything that her late husband liked. She would even order food all the way from Bombay for the ceremony. A young boy would say to the old widow, “Maji, (a title used to address elderly ladies), six months ago he pushed you and at that time you were calling him all kinds of names!” She would reply, “Even then, I would not find another husband like him.” That is what the old widow would say.
From the experiences of her entire life, she will discover that at heart, he was a nice man. His traits were awkward, but at heart he was good. Our lives should be lived in such a way that people would take note of us. We are Indians, not Americans. We are such that, we abide by and endure the woman in our life, and the women are such, that women do the same. In this manner, eighty years together will pass. Foreigners do not tolerate even Harmony in Marriage 93 94 Harmony in Marriage decides that he will never marry again and yet he takes another desperate risk.

Incompatibility amongst a couple in this era can work in two ways. It either elevates them spiritually or it will take them all the way down to lower life forms. Compatibility between couples can stagnate them both spiritually. It may even hurt them spiritually. An incompatible couple can make spiritual progress if they both use Gnan to prevent clashes.

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