Sometimes in life we lose our composure and react rather impulsively. It's as if our default survival mode kicks in and we instinctively brace for something that's going to knock us off our feet.

Once upon a time these mechanisms related to our innate stress response served an important purpose. We defended ourselves and persisted to carry on our fittest genes and traits.

But the consciousness of humanity has evolved now and we've realized our capacity to decide how we want to respond to situations and events.

Is it still prudent to freak out, flip off, and curse at the world or people who coexist with you?

Life is fascinating; the storylines can play out in the most interesting ways. If you are constantly on the defensive and poised to strike at any character or climax in your story, you may be missing the opportunity to grow on your personal journey.

Consider these tips on how to handle yourself with more elegance, charm, and collected coolness:

•Educate yourself and become resourceful.
•Open your mind to other possibilities.
•Use good manners and etiquette.
•Simplify and declutter your life.
•Slow down and be mindful of activities.
•Know the state of your finances.
•Organize your important paperwork.
•Listen to your intuitive voice.
•Don't sweat the small stuff.
•View challenges as growth opportunities.
•Focus on solutions not problems.
•Be reliable and trustworthy.
•Live with integrity and honor.
•Have emotional stability and maturity.
•Make wise, healthy life choices.
•Stand tall with your shoulders back.
•Rise above drama and energies that drain you.
•Anticipate needs ahead of time.
•Think carefully before you speak or act.
•Practice silence and meditation.
•Take full responsibility for your life.
•Surround yourself with intelligent, motivated people.
•Apologize if you've made a mistake.
•Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.
•Know your facts before you provide input.
•Discover your unique gifts, skills, and passions.
•Start a conscious journey of self-discovery.
•Remain flexible and detach from specific outcomes.
•Avoid whining and complaining.
•Be brave and release what no longer serves you.
•Understand that others have to live out their own paths and karma.
•Protect yourself energetically and clear away toxic debris.
•Live in the here and now and forgive yourself for past mistakes.
•Inspire others through your accomplishments.
•Use discernment versus judgment.
•Decline people or circumstances that do not align with your values.
•Know your worth and set high standards.
•Believe in your strength and abilities.
•Choose love, peace, abundance, well-being, and joy.

Developing grace and confidence when dealing with life and its elements creates a space for you to empower yourself in a purposeful, healthy way.

With increased personal power, you can direct your life with more conscious awareness and control. You become the victor instead of the victim.

Be the bliss, Alice

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Alice enjoys teaching others about personal and spiritual development. Visit her on Facebook at Alice Landry - Wealth & Wisdom.