Lots of people mistakenly believe that confident people never face rejections and that’s why they retained their confidence, while in fact, confident people face rejections just like anybody else.

Of course being more confidence reduces the number of rejections you will get but still that would never put an end to rejection completely.

So how do confident people keep their confidence even if face rejections?

Confident people usually attribute rejections to external factors that are not related to them and even when they take responsibility they assume that the reason for rejection was mistake that they did that can be avoided in the future.

People who lack confidence on the other hand don’t believe that they did a mistake but they believe that they are the mistake!!!

If a confident person approached a member of the other sex and got rejection he might attribute the rejection to the wrong things he said. Something like this might come to his mind “I should have said this instead of that”

When a person who lacks confidence gets rejection he doesn’t think that he has done something wrong but he quickly assumes that he was rejected because he is not worthy of being accepted!!!

In the solid confidence program I said that as a result of this pattern of thinking confident people remain confident and those who lack confidence feel less worthy with each rejection they get.

How this affects your self confidence
If a person who lacks self confidence found a magical lamp and the Genie gave him self confidence he will lose it in few weeks after few rejections

Not because rejections affect self confidence but because the combination of both rejection and his pattern of thinking destroys self confidence.

Lots of people ask me what to do in order to build self confidence and they become surprised sometimes when I tell them that what you don’t have to do is as important as what you have to do

Just like you need to build new skills
You need to kill your toxic thinking patterns

Give excuses for people when they reject you instead of assuming that you are faulty
If you were rejected then find out what you did wrong because that might be the real reason for rejection instead of you being less worthy.

Sometimes you only need to stop thinking in certain ways in order to become self confident.

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