There are a series of measures that we can take to get a break at a stretch and there are some practices that we should avoid. Here are tips that will help make your dream experience completely satisfactory. Goodbye, goodbye insomnia!

1. Follow a routine of you every night; always try to get up at the same time, either daily or weekend. Regular sleep schedules make it easier for our body to get used to the fact that it's time to sleep.

2. Try to engage in outdoors sports during the day. The best practice would be, having two hours of mild sporting before going to bed.

3. Try out some slow music to lull you to sleep. You may also watch and share some good night love short videos or comedy before transitioning to the dream side.

4. Ensure that the conditions of your bedroom are ideal when going to sleep, in terms of noise, lighting and temperature. A little illuminated and silent place can disturb us in a horror movie, but when it comes to your bedroom, these conditions are fundamental. On the other hand, do not go cold or hot while you sleep.

5. Make sure the clothes to use are comfortable and pay special attention to your feet.

6. Put fundamental care on your bed, the place where your dreams are fulfilled. Ensure the mattress has medium firmness; a base in good condition and a pillow according to the mattress.
What to avoid to sleep well all night

1. Stop the late dinners. Undigested food and bed are not good friends.

2. Sleeping with music and headphones embedded in your ears may not be a good idea. Surely you finally end up waking up in the middle of the night, because your thresholds for the perception of sound dropped and what at the time of sleep seemed like a pleasant sound, now becomes unbearable. Either that or an annoying feeling of pressure in the ear.

3. While you’re set to go to sleep, it is not recommended to bring any type of electronic device to bed. This is because the types of flashes they emit leave the production of melatonin which is necessary for sleep, uncontrolled.

4. Daytime naps should be short, since it is about charging batteries for the rest of the day and not reducing hours of sleep at night.

5. The much-brought and taken issue of "consult it with the pillow" does not seem to be highly recommended. It is better to leave the mind blank at the time of going to sleep, and to come back to face the problem in the morning.

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