Is this a typical working day for YOU?

6am Oh no, the alarm is going off and I have to get up. I can't face work today. I would rather stay in bed! I will just press the snooze button one more time.

7am Do I look ok? My hair is a mess. Why do I always look so terrible? I look so tired!

7.30am The train / bus is late again! It's always late or overcrowded, I really hate public transport. It's rubbish.

8.30am At work. Roll on 5pm Friday.

2pm I am really tired. I can't wait to sleep and get some rest. Surely there must be more to life than this. I can't believe it's only 2pm! Why can't I win the lottery?

6pm I'm so tired and still have to cook dinner, tidy up, go to gym etc

8pm The TV is rubbish. Why is there no decent shows on?

10.30pm Better go to bed. I have to go to be up early. Groan

Would you rather be like this?

6am - (Awake before alarm). Better get up, I am looking fwd to a good day today.

7am - I look ok today, maybe not perfect but that's fine.

7.30 - The bus/train is late, I will use this time to call a friend /do my affirmations or just tune into some music.

8.30 - Say ' good morning ' to others. Go through list of things to do. This project is new. I am a bit unsure where to start but I can ask others. I am sure I can handle it.

2pm - I am feeling a bit tired, I will go and stretch my legs for 5 mins

6pm - I easily have enough time to do my chores and that means I can go to the gym. I don't really feel like it but I know I will feel good once I go.

8pm - The TV programs don't interest me tonight, I will read a book or watch a DVD instead

10.30pm - Better go to bed - it's important that I have sufficient rest.

The big difference in the two examples are negative thinking. I know this word is thrown around lots these days but what really are the costs of negative thinking?

Feeling down. Negative feelings can range from anger, frustration, irritability, to even anxiety and depression, passing through many other unpleasant feelings.
Physical effects: the body lowers its defences, as negativity subtracts from our energy.
Closing oneself down to possibilities

When we stay thinking negative, we attract negative emotions and events. Thus when one is in a negative state everything seems to go wrong. Like attracts Like!
A negative effect in others. Have you ever wondered how you may be affecting other people because of the way you feel?
It's a waste of time! Look at all the effects of negative thinking explained above; can you tell me one single benefit of thinking negatively and being in a negative mood?

And what are the Benefits of Positive thinking:

Better health: Our thinking directly affects our body and how it functions.
Self Confidence:. Positive thinking promotes self-confidence.
Attracts good things: When someone thinks positively, they are able to attract positive people and positive things. Also, when a person is positive, people want to be around them.
Less Fear: Fear comes from thinking about the negative..This fearlessness originates from the fact that as you stay positive you will know that no matter what happens in your life you are able to face it.

For many of us, changing our thinking habits can take some time as so here are a few tips for making a good start:

Make a commitment to yourself and be willing to change
Have patience with yourself
Don't expect yourself to be perfect
Reprogram your brain by feeding it positive thoughts. These positive thoughts are affirmations.
Keep it up. Don't stop, don't quit. Once you start practicing your positive affirmations keep it going.

Affirmations to use to have a good day

It is easy for me to think positively
I am calm and confident
I am happy, content and relaxed
I am having a great day
It is easy for me to get everything done!
I can handle anything life throws at me
Other ways to have a great day

Be appreciative of other people
Give thanks to others
Acknowledge a job well done
Celebrate achievements
Respect everyone!
Volunteer your time
Pitch in to help others
Contribute to the community
Avoid Negative Work Attitudes
Look for the good in other people
Don't gossip or stab people on the back - Challenge yourself to be honest and speak up!
Be assured and confident in yourself.

Believe in yourself - if you are not sure - Ask!
Overcome your fear of confrontation and conflict
Put yourself in another shoes
Build rapport
Aim for a Win - Win situation
Don't Beat yourself up!

Just do the best that you can with the resources that you have.

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