STEP 1: A critical step to attracting money into your life is to make a decision to shift your perception about money in general and other people’s money. Start treating ALL sources of money with respect. If you don’t approve of how some people are generating their income, then look inwards to transform yourself first.

STEP 2: Change your focus. Redirect most of your mental and emotional energies towards your financial goals. It is that simple.

STEP 3: Control your speech and thoughts. Most negative or self-sabotaging thoughts may be unconscious. The more you pay attention, the more self-aware you become.

STEP 4: Implement positive affirmations to expand your mind about your financial prosperity. The following affirming statements are designed to encourage you to maintain a healthy and grounded attitude regarding money.
If you are triggered by any of the following statements, then most likely you located some limiting beliefs. And in these situations, it is a prime opportunity to address and dissolve those financial blocks. They can be eliminated either with repetition of alternative statements, some sort clearing technique, or guidance from a professional facilitator.


Money is just energy.

Money is a creative use of my imagination.

Money is light and joyful.

Money is freely available to me at all times.

Money is good to me.

Money is safe for me.

Money is friendly and kind to me.

Money is easy to come by for me.

Money is a natural, useful, and practical partner in my life.

Money is easy to receive, keep, and use in my life.

Money is comfortable with me AND I am comfortable with my money.

Money is reliable and dependable.

Money supports my lifestyle consistently and lavishly.

Money flows to me, for me with ease & speed every day, in every way.

Money “likes” me, and I “like” my money.

Money is my prosperity.

Money prospers me.

Money increases and multiplies in lavish quantities every day, in every way in my business and life.

Money feels good to me.

Money serves me.

Money constantly flows around me.

I accept money and money accepts me.

I bless money and my money blesses me.

I feel and know money is safe for me.

I feel happy and grateful to have money and financial success now.

I have a mutually loving, respectful, responsible relationship with all forms of money and my money.

I have surplus money each day, each week, each month in my bank account.

I have more than enough money than I need for my business and life.

I am responsible with my money.

I feel confident and secure handling my money wisely.

I see myself with lots of my own money now.

I am comfortable seeing myself with lots of my own money now.

I see myself receiving, having, and enjoying lots of my own money.

I enjoy having my money for myself and others.

I enjoy using my money for myself and others.

I enjoy using my money for fun.

I enjoy having and maintaining a ton of surplus money now.

I am comfortable having more money than I need.

I am grateful I have more money than I need.

I am 100% in alignment with money goals and my money.

I am 100% open and receptive to my money goals and my money.

I am an excellent financial manager of my money in business and life.

I am grateful my lavish surplus money/cash in my bank account.

I am grateful my daily, weekly, monthly steady streams of income in my business and life.

I am grateful money serves me every day.

I am ONE with money.

I am ONE with my own money.

I am positively tuned into the energy of money, my money, and all of my income.

I am here on this planet to enjoy receiving and having tons of money.

I am positively focused on money and success, and success and money is positively focused on me. NOW!

I am positively focused on my financial prosperity, and my financial abundance is positively focused on me. NOW!

TIP: Say each affirming statements with a feeling like gratitude or joy.

Repeat these encouraging statements, and you will be part of the elite group of people who actual took action. Many have heard of these concepts before, but how many have done it? Do this exercise now, Dear Reader, and thrive.

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