Every one of us wants a flawless skin without any imperfection. We often hear that beauty is a result of our inner health. It is true, only that, sometimes matters the hereditary factor. Rather than resorting to expensive products and various chemicals, you can clean your skin with nature`s benefits. Some skin problems are hereditary, but this does not mean that you cannot minimize the negative effect with a proper skin care.

Fast foods and sweets are a real danger to your skin, because they have a strong aging effect. Below we present some efficient solutions with rapid clean skin effect and restore its freshness.

Eat healthier. The easiest solution to have a flawless skin is to hydrate yourself, consuming plain water and medicinal herbal teas. Foods that contain antioxidants are essential for a healthy skin. Your diet must include olive oil, vegetables, avocado, berries, and herbs.

Eat soy milk. It contains large amounts of antioxidants and proteins necessary for maintaining the skin elasticity.

Clean your face with oats. Oats heal the irritated skin and help you get rid of eczema. Put water over a half of a cup of whole oats and let it soften a bit, until it becomes a paste. Rinse your face with warm water to open pores, and use two fingers to apply the oats.

Use a humidifier in winter and a dehumidifier in the summer. The air in the room where you sleep should have a relative humidity between 35% and 40%.

Use garlic every day in your food. The researchers found that skin cells treated with garlic have 7 times longer lifetime than standard ones.

Massage your skin. When you apply the cream, especially in the evening massage your face with circular motions. Not only that the product will penetrate better the skin also blood flow and collagen production will be stimulated.

Do not put your hands on your face! Hands are a magnet for bacteria, and bacteria will be transferred to the skin.

Eat blueberries every day. These are full of antioxidants, and have a higher level of Resveratrol than grapes. You will see that the signs of aging will not appear so quickly.

Do not wash your face with soap because it will destroy the protective barrier of your skin.

Clean your phone everyday because it often touches the skin. Using an antibacterial towel, clean it as often as you can.

Drink daily at least 1 liter of tea. Tea is more effective than water for hydration, especially green tea. Also avoid the three biggest enemies of your skin: smoking, tanning salons and hot showers. Eat more often salmon, olive oil and nuts and you will have an enviable skin.

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