Some people have trouble with the temptations that life puts in their path. At the same time, others can be completely oblivious to those same temptations. What separates those two types of people from each other? Why would one be easily lured into situations that are not conducive to their existing relationship while another can go through with their blinders on?

Anyone can fall prey to the temptations of life. People in general can find themselves wanting more than they have. Our society is based upon wanting and having more than you currently have. Commercials lure us into desiring a faster or more luxurious car, or having the sexy model girlfriend or boyfriend. Everything is based on money, looks, and power. If you have anything less, you are just settling right? It is being drilled into us constantly. Women want the young, hard body 6 pack, man that will make every woman jealous. Men want that slim curvy eye popping woman that will make every man's head turn. Am I right on track here? The thing to remember is that those 6 pack abs cant last forever, and yes, gravity and time can play its part on women and men too. So what are we left with then? That's right; we go for the next younger sexy heart pounding...

The first step in temptation proofing your relationship is allowing yourself to be happy with what you have. I am not saying to be happy settling; I am saying realize the lasting, quality, and rewarding things about each other. Take a good look at your significant other and relish their true beauty. How they love you, the way they look at you, the things they do for you. Take a deep breath and feel the power of such wonderful love. Now make every effort to return that favor to them. Now you are well on your way to eliminating infidelity from your relationship or marriage.

The next step in keeping temptation from your relationship is to be beautiful yourself. Beauty begins from deep inside of us all. A truly beautiful person is kind to others without having to try. They are true to themselves and to their partner. A beautiful person is caring, attentive, passionate, and tender to their loved one. They know how to communicate without being ugly or loud. And most of all, feel comfortable with who they are and that one thing alone can make attract the attention of more people than an unconfident or loud model type. Think about it.

Most of all, just realize what it is you have, and what you share. Be happy and focused on each other. Be what it is that the other wants. Be sexy, seductive, erotic, caring, attentive, gentlemanly, or anything else that either of you want at any time. After all, it is really you your partner wants, just like it is them that you really want. So just have some fun with each other. There are no rules and nothing is too much or even taboo when two people love each other. Make your life the most it can be, and cherish every moment together. With this frame of mind, you will find that nothing will be a temptation for either of you, and what could be more enjoyable than what you two share together.

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