Women business owners and professionals stay organised and accomplish a lot by following a proper routine. Following a work routine helps to stay focused and organised throughout the day. When you have a lot of tasks on your to-do list, you may feel it a struggle to get started. Having a routine gets more done in less time and provides structure to your day.

There maybe many factors that can affect your productivity and effectiveness. The first thing to do is to identify them so that you can prevent them from emerging. If they already exist you need to suppress them. Avoidance won't work, but an action is more preferable.

eWN Podcast Network Host of "Biz Life Simplified," Nancy Hagan gives you 6 keys to create an effective and productive day, so your business can be more profitable.

Read the article "How to have an Effective, Productive and Profitable Day" and get to know the strategies to foster a culture of engagement.

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