Years ago while I was doing my undergraduate education, I bought a big wall picture that was showing an estate with beautiful houses. I cut out my picture and placed it at the gate to the estate. I went a step further during my final year in the institution of higher education by developing software that will assist me make decisions regarding home mortgages for people who will live in this extraordinary estate.

Few years later, hectares of land, very suitable for my estate were given to me by my aunt. She said my grandmother allocated them to me twenty-seven years ago, before she died. Despite the fact that I did not know I have such inheritance, even when I was graduating from the tertiary institution but I imagined having such hectares of land for my estate and I attracted them to myself. What are you seeing? You can have all you desire. See beyond your imagination and be blessed with wealth beyond the consciousness of the system that drives the progress of humanity.

You have power of invention! You have thoughts that are full of creativity; See what you want and have what you see. What are you willing to see in order to get what you are willing to see? When I became very determined to live in a state of peaceful existence and agreement with the state of being sound in my body and mind, I saw the need to dominate my conscious and subconscious mind with process of using my mind to think and reflect ideas, concepts and opinions that will make me live a long and healthy life. I filled my thoughts with all the good things I could think of, and in short time I started living in a state of well-being and abundance of possessions.

I stand out and became outstanding! You too can do the same. Decide you are going to stand by your desires until you get what you want in life by emitting your wealthy frequency on a basis that conform to a success, without hard nuts to crack. Believe your dreams are becoming reality by saying it in every case and letting it flow productively in you to rule my world. Let your cleverness and originality increase you ability to visualize and be full of resourcefulness.

You can be on top of things and be in charge of the system that rules the progress of humanity; see everything in your imagination and have all you desire.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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