How To Have More Stamina In Bed: What To Do To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

Why does sex seem to END so fast? Am I doing it wrong? Am I disappointing my partner? Is there any way to increase my sexual stamina and staying power without doing anything weird, odd or expensive?

Any of these questions sound familiar? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to increase your ability to make sex LAST longer, and dispel a few common myths and misconceptions about great sex and stamina as well. Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below!

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Believe it or not, the biggest myth and misconception about sexual stamina is the idea that EVERYONE lasts longer than YOU. The truth is, and this has been validated by hundreds and even thousands of sexual studies and surveys, the average man is able to "last" about 7 minutes once intercourse begins.

This is true across just about every age demographic, and every culture and community around the globe as well.

If you are significantly ABOVE that figure? Congratulations! You are probably considered an extraordinarily good lover by your partner!

If you are significantly below that?

You most likely are NOT lasting long enough to please your partner, and should probably apply some of the simple strategies below.

Learn this one technique -- simple and easy for any man to use -- and not only will sex be more pleasurable for you, but you'll instantly become a better lover than 90% of the rest of the guys on the planet. Here's how to have sex more often -- and have her thank you for it

3 Ways to Make Sex Last LONGER (100% Natural)

1 - A Focus on Fitness

Study after study shows that men who are physically fit last longer in bed, and have far more sexual control over their bodies as well.

The truth is, we know that the body is a complete system of moving parts... and the better the machine is maintained overall, the better each individual element works as well! It may sound like a goofy metaphor... but in 2013, the science of sex, and physical health clearly demonstrates a relationship between your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, your overall musculature and your sexual stamina, libido and overall appetites as well.

2 - Dietary Distinctions

Believe it or not, your DIET can play a huge role in your ability to perform sexually... and what you eat can lend itself to improving sexual stamina and staying power as well.

Foods high in phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, omega fatty acids, and a whole host of naturally occurring compounds that are found in many dark colored fruits, leafy vegetables and even spices work wonderfully well for optimal sexual performance.

While there is a lot of myth and misinformation and "spammy" mens health products that try to take advantage of this discovery, the simple fact of the matter is it's TRUE! The healthier the ingredients you put into your body, the better you will be in bed.

3 - Men's Health Oriented Activities

There are many exercises and optimizations that men can do to improve sexual stamina as well - from Kegal exercises, (well known to strengthen the pubecocous muscle, thought to regulate ejaculation response) to PC elevation exercises, to other anatomically specific approaches that strengthen the parts of our anatomies that logically apply to enhancing sexual performance.

While controversial and occasionally over hyped in the online informational space, these exercises DO work, and are used and recommended by Urologists and sexual wellness educators around the world with great success.

Lastly, there is a good argument that confidence is CRITICAL to improving sexual staying power as well. The truth is, the better you feel about your body, and your ability to perform... the more control you will have over your mind over matter reflex.

A good percentage of men suffer from sexual insecurities which directly contribute to premature ejaculation and poor sexual stamina, and my hope is, the 3 simple steps above will help YOU overcome those, and dramatically improve your ability to last in bed to boot!

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The extreme orgasms will happen only if your foreplay goes right. You should be able to arouse a girl to heights of pleasure by the mind blowing foreplay you engage in.

The more variation in the foreplay and the positions and the style the more the ecstasy you will build in her and the better will she orgasm.

Stroking the arms and legs- The first place to stroke is the arm. Run your fingers along the length of each arm. Stroke also the inner sides of her arms and the palms. These portions are quite sensitive.

Stroke her down the entire length of the legs. The feet too are quite sensitive. Only make sure the stroking does not become too ticklish for her to bear.

Fondling of the breasts- Gently stroke each mound of the breast in a circular motion. Brush your fingers past the nipples but do not tweeze them yet.

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After some time of massaging the breasts then tweeze the nipples between two fingers. You could also use the tongue as a variation.

Take the nipple into your mouth now and fondle it gently.

The clitoris and the vagina- Once she's fairly aroused through fondling of the breasts and nipples, it's time to shift your attention to the vaginal area.

Tickle and stroke the clitoris and the vaginal lips for that mind blowing ecstasy that is continually on the rise. Use the tongue here too for more variation in stimulation.

The g spot stimulation- While at the clitoris and vaginal lips slip your finger in and out of the vaginal channel to keep the area stimulated. Use your finger sometimes and the penis alternately to probe the vaginal channel.

Once you've found and located the g spot stimulate that in a 'come hither' motion with your palm facing upwards.

That will provide the final strokes for the extreme orgasms you give her.

And One Last thing...

If you want to become the man of choice for ANY woman in bed, you MUST increase your sexual stamina. With just a LITTLE effort you can gain the power to last ALL night long...and in my experience, the rewards are worth their weight in orgasmic gold for the both of you!

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You might think the title of this article sounds a little extreme, but it's not.

Allow me to explain...

I'm a firm believer that a man's greatest pleasure in life is to totally SEXUALLY SATISFY his woman in the bedroom.

You know what I'm saying, right?

Giving your woman mind-blowing, earth-shattering SEXUAL PLEASURE beyond her wildest dreams -- that makes you feel pretty good.

And that's where the 'adult film industry' falls flat on it's face most of the time.

You see, most porn is made for a male audience and it just shows female porn stars usually being quite roughly 'screwed' by male porn stars.

Now I'm not against rough sex.

In fact, it's my experience and that of my clients that most women like the sex to be a little rough most of the time.

But there's another thing women also like during sex -- ORGASMS.

And this is why I say that porn movies are a bad education for men because the women on screen rarely seem to have an orgasm!

I believe that as a society our social skills are becoming worse with time. People are resorting to communicating with friends by electronic means (Facebook, Twitter etc) and we are forgetting how to communicate in 'real life'.

This is leading to a lot of single people.

And what do single men tend to do a lot of?

You got it -- watch porn.

You don't have to be brilliant, good-looking, or well-endowed to have her think you're a sex god... you just have to be 'dumb' enough to follow these step-by-step instructions

So they see women having sex and getting roughed up, but they don't see a lot of orgasms. And that's a very bad thing because when these guys eventually get a woman -- they don't know what the hell they are doing in bed.

Here's a pretty interesting FACT:

- 50% of women have CHEATED and most of them did so to GET BETTER SEX

And by better sex, you can read -- GET MORE ORGASMS.

With all that said, I should just clarify that I'm not a 'porn hater'. In fact, I've found some women I've dated enjoy porn. But they are very specific about what kind of porn movies they like to watch.

Usually it's the ones with a bit of a believable story line and the ones where the women look like they are ENJOYING IT, read -- having orgasms.

Women do not like to watch the run of the mill, 'bang, bang, bang', all about the male actor type porn.

So, what's the bottom line?

Well, if you are single right now -- spend more time off your computer, interacting with real people and don't use porn as your sex-education tool.

If you are in a relationship, be very careful about what type of porn you get your woman to watch with you (if you do that kind of thing).

Above all else, whatever your current relationship status -- remember to give women incredible pleasure and wild screaming orgasms in the bedroom. Do that and you'll be doing better than 90% of the men out there.

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Is your pool of ideas empty when it comes to female pleasure? If so, you might have difficulties in your seduction game. Women who are totally content with the sexual prowess of their partners will not give their partners any worries since they won't be looking for other men out there that could satisfy their sexual needs.

If you want women to melt in your arms, you don't have to be Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, but having deadly sex tips can make a wide array of women line up to jump into your bed with you. Read on to discover what these tips are and offer women great sex, just as they deserve and will not be able to get from other men out there...

How To Give A Woman The Best Sexual Experience Of Her Life - 5 Divine Sex Tips Revealed

Divine Sex Tip #1. Surprise her. If you catch a woman by surprise, you can get the chance to improve her animalistic desires for you. On the other hand, if you keep offering her the same old "tricks", you will simply lead her into a trap of sexual routine and ultimately, boredom.

If you need crazy ideas in which you can knock her panties off, try having public sex! Start off in your personal garden at home, for example, if the idea does not quite appeal to the both of you just yet. Plus, if the idea of having sex in public does not appeal to your partner at all or if she isn't comfortable with the idea, then the garden would definitely be the perfect place to get things started.

Divine Sex Tip #2. Be spontaneous. Make things hotter in bed by pretending like you are both virgins. Do you remember how it first felt to jump into a bed and know that you would be having sex for the first time? Try to revive those feelings to get some steam back into your sexual life.

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Divine Sex Tip #3. Make her imagination sizzle. Get your partner completely aroused by making her imagination sizzle. To do this, play some sexual games to get her brain switched onto nothing but sex.

One other way to do this would be by reading sexual stories or erotic novels together in bed. Then, ask her what sexual fantasies she has. Who knows? She may surprise you by reenacting them with you!

Divine Sex Tip #4. Know her erogenous zones. Every woman out there has erogenous zones that instantly trigger her pleasure spots just by being touched. Figure out where they are!

To find out where they are through mere touch, take note of any places that make your partner moan louder than usual. Then, concentrate on those particular areas to make her burst with sexual bliss.

Divine Sex Tip #5. Be the master of your sexuality. Some very effective and advanced sexual tips actually exist out there that you can learn in order to improve all of your sexual powers. One tip even has the power to make women reach orgasms without having to touch them - believe it!

This tip simply requires some conversational conditioning in order to get women to become sexually charged through your words. It is highly powerful.

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