Depending upon the study you read, some 80-90% of New Years Resolutions will fail. The intention to change is great. The means of going about it is not.

How familiar does this sound? You want to lose weight, run a marathon and start a new business. You target January 1st and the launch day to your new life. You tell your friends about it, and write it down in 20 different places. December 20th, you are so sure it will happen. No doubts whatsoever!

Christmas comes and you still are pretty psyched about it, but it is Christmas after all, so not much thought goes into it.

Three days before, a doubt creeps in but you are still psyched. Two days before and you are sure that THIS year will be THE year.

January 1st comes and you are ready to launch into your new life. January 25 comes around and you wonder what the hell happened to your grandiose plans. Nothing is changing. Some of it is getting worst. What is happening here? And this year becomes like last. . . .


Here are doable steps to take to ensure that this year becomes the great year you want it to be.

1. Address failure before it happens. Ask yourself, "What are your typically stumbling blocks?" "What are the factors that have led to stopping the healthy eating or not training or quitting the business?" Write them out. All of them, in a most truthful, accurate and blunt fashion.

Once written, strategize with your spouse, close friend or hire a Coach* to work with you. Get plans for "When X happens, this time, I will do Y." Imagine the fixes or solutions and if they do not feel like a 9 or 10, they will not work. Go back and find 9s and 10s.

2. Prioritize. You may have a list of 10 but if you try to do all 10 at once, you will do none. That is how virtually everyone operates. Knowing this, pick one and focus all of your attention on this for at least 60-66 days. Research states that new habits are formed after this time frame so the new behavior will now be ingrained. Then and only then should you go on to the second task.

Special note: I would strongly suggest starting with the easiest task. Build confidence. Feel great about accomplishing something and let this good energy wash over you as you move forward on your list.

3. If you are not sure where or how to begin, hire a Coach. If you do not want to do this, start with your environment. Change the surroundings and the people you surround yourself with. If you like Feng Shui, go for it. If not, repaint, rearrange or rework the environment based on what makes you feel great. This is the easiest place to begin, but again, build on successes. Success begets success.

4. Build a habit and let the results take care of themselves. Focus on building actions that make you feel great about yourself, ones that add to your life and ones that you get excited about. If you continue to pour this type of and this amount of energy into yourself, good or very good or great results are always the end result.

5. Add passion. Great chefs sprinkle a special spice into their favorite dish. Great people sprinkle passion into their life. It is the fuel that keeps the fire burning brightly. It adds color and spark to life. Motivation is never an issue when passion is present. The two are simply, inseparable. Find what you thoroughly love and do it. Frequently.

"Motivation is never an issue when passion is present.

The two are simply, inseparable."

Take these steps and personalize them. Keep the theme and the concepts, but add your signature and special twist to them. Expect your greatest year ever!

* When you start looking for a coach, give me a call at 888-776-6101 (toll free). I would be happy to achieve great results working with you.

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