Make no mistake about it: your mind is like a fertile field.

If you feed it with the seeds of Power, Wisdom, Knowledge and Skills, it will reap you a huge harvest of success.

But if you feed it the Poison of Negativity, Apathy, Cynisim and Fear, you reap the worthless weeds of failure and lukewarm mediocrity.

Does that make sense?

Protecting and Empowering Your Mind Field is VITALLY important, yet easily overlooked because Most Mental Attacks Are SUBCONSCIOUS, Multi-Layered, and Indirect.

They are also DISGUISED as "common sense" and "reality."

They are like computer "Viruses" and "Spyware" that are installed maliciously and covertly.

Ever hear the term "Programming Language"?

Well, that is EXACTLY what is occuring with your own use of language, and your acceptance of other's use of language.

Re-read the last 7 words of the last sentence I just wrote.

Now read the 2nd word out loud.

It's what you've been doing by default and it's leaking your power and potential away like a hole in a bucket of water.

We'll talk about that in a future article, okay?

Right now I want you to start with your own own programming language.

Your own use of language is divided into two areas:

1. Your "thought speech" - the language running in your head.

2. Your "verbal speech" - what you say and how you say it.

Warrior Mind Master Key #1:

"The Warrior Knows That Every Thought and Every Word Has an Energetic Result, So He Thinks and Speaks By Design. The Peasant Thinks and Speaks By Default" (Scott Bolan)

Begin to recognize the language of your own thoughts and your thought habits and patterns. If you're honest you'll notice thought-speech and habits that do not serve you.

They distract you and weaken you.

You may also notice they didn't come FROM you.

A useful question to ask is "How will thinking this way affect my Energy?"

As it is written in the Samurai text The Unfettered Mind:

"If your mind stops on your opponent's sword, you will be taken by his sword" (Takuan Soho)

You see, when your thoughts are fixated on any situation, on any agitation or stimulation (positive or negative), the mind is essentially "stopped." You'll miss the Red Light (the Warning) and you'll miss the Green Light (the Opportunity)

Have you ever missed a warning sign, or an opportunity, and later looked back and knew you could have done so much better?

Of course! We all have.

Here is a Key to make sure you don't miss the warning or opportunity again: From this moment forward, practice recognizing your own thought-speech and habits.

Each time, ask yourself "Does this empower me or weaken me?"

If it weakens you, send it back to where it came from with "refused" firmly stamped on the package!

Replace it with an Empowering thought.

It's the same with your verbal speech-patterns.

You might find they're programmed by Default from your peers and your environment. The people you live with and work with and the people you see frequently, as well as the socio-speak and media-speak that constantly chatter at us from multiple outlets.

From now on, choose to speak By Design instead. Speak in ways that are authentic to you and what you believe, as opposed to what "everyone else is saying"

Ask yourself, "Does speaking this way weaken me, or Empower me?"

And by Design, choose to speak powerfully, naturally.

Slow down your rate of speech and actually notice what it is you are REALLY saying.

About yourself, and about circumstances.

You'll usually find it was laced with Default-thinking, rather than Design-thinking.

And right now you are being given the Master Key to change it.

Yours in Warrior Wisdom,
Scott Bolan

Author's Bio: 

A pioneer in martial arts and personal empowerment, Scott Bolan has achieved worldwide success as an acclaimed author, trainer, and peak performance coach.

His bestselling courses include Warrior Energetics, Martial Mastery, Ninja Power Secrets, Mental Warfare Secrets and Dynamic Attraction, among many others.

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