“4 Sets of Healing Words to Say to Yourself”

Here are 4 sets of words that are super important for healing our inner child and our unconscious mind. 90% of what we have going on in our life is totally controlled by our unconscious mind. Yet most people don’t give their unconscious mind a second thought.

Our inner child or unconscious mind, our inner being, completely runs our life. And we wonder why we are ill and have so many life challenges. It’s all about our inner child or unconscious mind which runs everything… and this child is trying to recreate what we had before in our early years as a child and young person. Much of which didn’t work out as a child causing emotional traumas that we hold onto. Thus we keep doing the same things over and over again with ongoing pain and suffering.

First of all, talk to your inner child and find out why you are ill or full of fear.

Then say these words:

I LOVE YOU - This is super important, most of the time our inner child feels ignored and because of that doesn’t feel loved.

I AM SORRY - Whatever it is it’s important to say we are sorry to our inner child and our unconscious mind for not listening to their guidance.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME - Most of all it’s imperative to ask for forgiveness. And it’s especially important to ask for forgiveness from our inner child and unconscious mind.

THANK YOU - And it’s vital to thank our inner child and unconscious mind for forgiving us… for not listening and being attentive.

Do this process at least once a week… it’s crucial for healing not only ourselves but the world around us because if we are not happy the world around us is not happy either.

And start treating your inner child and unconscious mind with love and respect at all times.

It’s amazing what a little bit of love will do.

This process is also used in Hawaii, Asia, South America, and Many other Spiritual Cultures.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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