Keep it monogamous with these ideas.
Have you gotten to the point where you want to spice things up in the bedroom? Well the key is to become submissive. Have you been together for a long time and don’t know what else to try? Well I have a few ideas that may work based on experience. These new tactics may prevent adultery and keep your man interested and intrigued. You have to provide full control to the man and you must be open to new things. The following will be ideas to try not all will be to your tasting but some will.

Phone sex is enticing and uses the imagination. You can call your honey from work and tell him you can’t stop thinking about him how you want him real bad. Tell him you’re playing with yourself as you speak to him.

During sex smack him in the face and tell to smack you back tell him you’re his dirty lil whore. If you like this have him choke you too. There’s a thin line between pain and pleasure. Biting and scratching also you must think this is the last time your going to have sex with your man and he’s totally irresistible

Work on foreplay. Gove up ladies a blow jo b goes a long way. If you please your man he will be more eager to please you. And make noises as you do it act like it taste good actually enjoy it. Use crops if necessary like whip cream caramel chocolate etc.

If you’re the shy type go to a sex store with your hubby and try to pick out a submissive sex game. Feel free to pick up a small dildo to rub on your clitoris while he’s penetrating you’ll be surprised the major orgasm you’ll have. Don’t hide your sexuality from your partner be open minded. You can also play with yourself in front of him many men have a fantasy of this.

Take a night to dress up in the finest lingerie and do a dance for him tell you want to rip your cloth off. I personally am shy so I always have a bottle of wine near by.

Learn a couple words in a different language say them during sex. Je tem means I love ,you just an example. You can google this.

Before sex and after foreplay have him rub the tip of his penis up and down your vagina even to masturbate on it this is a big turn on for women it’s like a tease or real life dildo. Do until you can’t take it anymore and just tell him ok stop put it in I want you. A lot guys like hearing I want you.

You can also Role-play use things like school girl cloth or secretary cloth calling him by Mr. last name. you can even use a wig if necessary. Meet a t place and act like you’re having a one night affair . I personally like to switch it up in regards to my hair at least once a year I change the color so my man will not get bored and stays monogamous.
When all this fails result in car sex take the initive take a long drive and give him a blow job while he’s driving and wear no panty’s under your skirt telling him to play with you while you do this . do it until you can’t take it anymore and then pull over and have a quickie it will take you back to your teenage years it will be fun and the thrill of getting caught will definitely spice things up. You can also do this in the pool or the beach. Or rent a room with a Jacuzzi and water sex is very exciting.
I hope you have learned something ladies I know it takes work but if your open minded and have passion and able to be submissive then you won’t get bored. Try’s these things and comment and let me know how it went . good luck and cheers to great love making.

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