What happens if you are involved in a relationship with someone and soon realized that he or she is a drug addict? What if on the other hand, you really don't want to cut out the friendship? There are many things that can be done in order to safe your friend's future rather than concluding that "such person must be avoided since they now take drugs." Yes, it's true that such people might be dangerous, but won't it make sense to at least find out the cause for it?
Why some young people find comfort in drugs

Today, there are many things that can influence a person to indulge in drugs. While there're many cause for this, still, many people indulge in drugs with different objectives to satisfy their different needs. The reason for a young man taking drugs maybe far different from an age person.
But in all these, most people who take drugs are those who never managed to complete certain assignments in their lives like failure to meet up with an expectation, feel happy, loss of job, breakup, loss of money, death of a loved one. This is because, when they failed or never meet up with their expectation, they tend to find comfort in drug. Many people do not know this and just continue to wonder endlessly.
Step-by-step procedure to help a drug addicted friend

Find out the cause: In order to help a drug addicted friend, you must first know what has cause them to rely on drugs. You can start by asking them. Although it's always hard for them to tell, still, you can still know by observing resent changes in their lives. Before you can render help, you must know what their real problems are. All is left to you because as a friend, you know them better than anyone else.
Tackle the real problem: After the above step, you will discover one thing about them. You will come to realized that, the real cause for taking drugs was never their likeness but because they wanted to feel better by relying on drugs. This is the point where you can help. If you managed to solve the real problem in their lives, they will quit drug. For instance, if you noticed that, the main cause was because he lost his job, then, finding another job for him will let him quit drugs.
Bring out the effects of drugs: Another important step is by letting your friend understand the effects of drug in their lives. This is because some people just drug to feel better without considering the impact later in the future. By letting them aware of this, will act as some kind of barrier.
Give them clear facts: There is a lot of caution when discouraging a drug-addicted friend. This is because, if you go straight to them and say "stop drug, it's not good for your health" They won't believe you. In order to successfully discourage them, you must use facts or statistics. Quote them examples of victims as a result of drugs. Give them real facts which they know. It will weaken their spirits.

If you manage to apply all these steps, within the shortest time your friend will realize the danger he or she was into and will give it a though. While others will immediately quit, some of them will need a little more time to get over it. In such case, be patient.

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