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Unfortunately, in our busy society it has become very easy to take even the most important relationships for granted--our friendships, close companionships, and especially our marriages are neglected and taken for granted. A once hard fought trophy marriage now sits languishing on a shelf. Why? Simple. While a long-lasting marriage is indeed a great prize to be had in order to reach that goal couples should never treat it like a trophy.

Why does love in a marriage seem to just fade away -

For most couples, this isn't intentional but more a result of a busy lifestyle resulting in temporary neglect, similar, although in a larger scale, to forgetting to water a favorite plant or feed a family pet. The sad part is that there are many married couples that realize almost too late that their feelings for each other has all but dried up and their love has almost died. Fortunately, most relationship can still be resuscitated with the proper attention and care and with time the old feelings of love can begin to bloom again.

Why A Marriage Should Not Be Treated Like A Trophy -

In our society we place a high priority on being the best, and we reward many of those accomplishments with trophies. The Vince Lombardi trophy for winning the Super Bowl, and the Stanley Cup for hockey are examples. With this kind of consistent reinforcement is there any wonder why a marriage isn't viewed in a similar way.

I mean just think about all of the time and money spent on the dating ritual. The buying of meals, clothing, jewelry, dining out, and hours communicating with each other through phone, text, and email services. All building up to that engagement ring, the popping of the question, and the thrill when she says yes. Talk about making the team.

This is soon followed by even more work by both parties to make sure that no one backs out at the last minute. No wonder why when the last I do is said and the bouquet is thrown that the couple feels like they have truly won a trophy!

But as I said, the marriage is indeed a special prize for all parties involved but it should never be treated like a trophy because in doing so it marks the beginning of the end for your marriage.

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What Do You Mean -

Well let's examine a few things. By the time most person gets married they have won several real trophies in their life. Sport trophies, swimming trophies, even spelling trophies! Their have been many businesses sustained for decades whose whole purpose was to endow a physical object with enough prestige (with just a hint of exclusivity) to make people compete against each other in hopes of one day possessing it.

The irony of it all, is no matter how important the trophy is at the time, whether it's the World Series or a 12-year old's Little League trophy they all have one thing in common. The shine eventually fades and they all end up collecting dust on some shelve somewhere gathering occasional glances and memory tugs, or worse, relegated to a dusty corner in an attic or basement.

You see, the underlying problem for most couples that possess a trophy mentality is they have begun to believe that since they worked so hard to get it that they no longer have to work to keep it. It's that mindset that makes one time great athletes fat and makes one time great marriages stale.

For a marriage to not just survive but to grow it has to be worked on constantly. You see there's very little danger that the high-school trophy that sits on your mantle piece will vanish. It will just sit there gathering dust; however, a marriage relationship neglected too long will soon cease to exist.

So What Can Be Done -

It is vital to keep in mind that in order for any relationship to survive it has to be treated like a living, growing, important thing, and just like the living, can only flourish with plenty of love and attention.

Alas, even with fair warning there will still be those, who promise to tend to their marriages tomorrow, who will look up one day from all that they believed to be important only to realize their marriage is on its last leg or worse. Then and only then will they go on a frantic search for someone to save what never should have gotten sick.

Fortunately, there are people out there who have been through the same thing who are willing to lend a sympathetic ear, a helping hand, and knowledge gleamed from personal experience.

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There are many reasons leading to a divorce- clashes of ego, difference of opinion, lack of understanding - just to name a few. Good news is a divorce led by all these reasons can be prevented with a little help from the expert.

One of the best ways to stop a divorce is to learn and understand about things that make a marriage work. While every couple have a different view about what makes a happy marriage, there are some fundamental things that apply to every happy marriage. A couple must understand that compromises and tolerance are part of a married life. They must be prepared and willing to put aside their ego and listen to another partner. One must also be clear about the reason to get married and revisit that reason whenever there is a crisis in the marriage. This could help reminding the reason why they should preserve the marriage and not resorting to a divorce.

To stop the divorce, the first thing you may do is to seek help from a marriage counselor. When two persons are not able to make a marriage work, involvement of a third party to solve the marital problems would be helpful. The counselor would be able to provide neutral views and helps to work out reasons why the parties should not resort to divorce. Besides marriage counseling, you may also consult your religious pastor who can provide helpful advice to prevent a divorce. You may also seek advice from the experts via self-help books, audio books, DVDs and marriage training courses etc.

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If you have not been communicating with your spouse openly, you need to start doing now. One of the most common reasons for couples to end their marriage is the lack of communication. The lack of communication may lead to misunderstanding resulting in couples taking each other for granted. Hence, communicating openly with your spouse is one of the important steps you must do to stop a divorce. Listen to your spouse's views. Try to understand him/her before seek to be understood. When you start to do that, chances are your spouse will do the same thing as well. That would surely clear any misunderstanding that you two may have and enhance your chances of stopping a divorce.

Bring back the romance. With busy schedules, you may have neglected this part of the relationship. You have forgotten how to be nice and loving towards your spouse, forgetting that romance is one of the most important factors that keeps a marriage going. When the children come along, there is even more little rooms left for romance between the couple. Gradually, the relationship becomes "boring". This is dangerous as this makes a spouse fragile towards any external attraction from a third party which may be the very reason leading to a divorce. So, to stop a divorce and save your marriage, you must learn how to spice things up again in the relationship. Giving gifts to your spouse without any reason, or even an effortless act of showing your appreciation and compliments towards your spouse can do wonders to your marriage.

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You know you want to work on your marriage, and yet there is a voice inside your head that keeps reminding you of other things that ought to be done first. The most important lesson to learn here is that the voices inside your head are not God. It could simply be your habit of putting things off. Here is the biggest life lesson that you will get: life cannot and will not wait. There will never, ever be the best time to do anything unless you make that time. So if you want to save your marriage, the best time would be now.

Here are 3 very simple yet essential ways that you can start immediately:

1) Stop complaining. It is true that when you complain, the world agrees with you, because if life were perfect there would be nothing to talk about. You must decide when you will stop talking and start working towards the marriage that you want. If your complaints do not end with a resolution or an action plan for how to do things differently, then you are clearly wasting your time and your efforts. The first step towards action is to consciously stop complaining to yourself, and to anyone else who has previously listened to you.

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2) Do it yourself. Apply this rule to any problem in your marriage that you may tell yourself in your mind. If your husband does not dress up for you, the solution is to dress up for him and put on his favorite perfume. If he ignores you in a crowd, introduce him to your friends with pride and happiness. Be all the things you want to see in your husband, without any expectation for him to reciprocate. Your unabashed and unconditional change of heart towards him will make all the difference.

3) Change bad habits. You will save your marriage by ending habits that do not serve any benefit to you or your husband. The best way to end a bad habit is to replace it with a good one, meaning you spend that amount of time and energy engaging in a productive action that helps your marriage. You will be able to tell which habits to keep and which to replace when you ask yourself how each habit helps or hinders your relationship. If you see no harm, and still no benefit either in a habit of yours, opt for another past-time that gives you more in return.

Saving your marriage is a conscious decision that requires resolve and action. Do not wait for the stars and planets to align themselves for the perfect time to start. It is your marriage, and so whenever you take the first step is the best time. The best time is now. Save your marriage.

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Cheating. It's the ultimate betrayal. Six years ago, I caught my husband cheating on me. I was devastated. I felt as though my whole world was coming to an end. He had done the only thing in the world that could possibly end our marriage. I had two options; I could leave the man that I love and spend the rest of my life hoping for a second chance at love, or I could honour my vows and work on forgiving my husband and repairing my marriage. After weeks of debate, I finally decided that I wanted to make my marriage work. Saving my marriage after an affair was definitely not easy, but it was achievable. Now, six years later, my husband and I are living like newlyweds. If you have experienced the pain of a cheating spouse, I want you to know that getting your marriage back on track is not impossible.

If you have decided that you want to save your marriage, you have already taken the first step to repairing it. The most important thing you can do if you want to save your relationship is to decide that it really is worth saving. This decision is extremely important in the healing process as any waiver from it can prevent you from healing.

What if your spouse don't love you anymore? Here's how to get them addicted to you like when you fell in love for the first time

Once you have decided that your marriage is worth saving, you must apologize for your role in the marital problems. Ultimately, it is your partner who has the most apologizing to do. It is, however, important to realize that your partner cheated because something was missing in the relationship. Understanding what was missing will help you to better your relationship in the future and may help you to better understand why your partner acted the way they did.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to forgive your spouse. I warn you now, this part of the healing process is not easy. Your partner betrayed you and you have every right to feel both extreme anger and hurt. With time, however, you need to learn to forgive your spouse for what they did. If you do not forgive your spouse, you are likely to relive the hurt of the affair over and over again.

Saving my relationship after an affair was the best choice I have ever made. Search online for programs that can help you learn to forgive your partner and that can help get your relationship back on track.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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