Most organisations realise that human resource development initiatives are not only vital to the success of the organisation but they also help to keep attrition rates low. Many would argue that given the current economic scenario, HRD programs may not be on the cards of companies trying to cut corners. However, it’s time for organisations to understand that training an existing employee is not only cheaper and a more viable solution than hiring new workforce but also the company benefits in the form of employee loyalty. So, here is a look at how an organisation can help in employee development through management training courses.

Management training courses for improving interpersonal communication in the organisation: Interpersonal communications are the backbone of any organisation. A corporate environment that promotes open vertical and horizontal communication helps to keep grapevine in check and employee morale high. It also helps facilitate change management and reduces work related stress as all the employees are aware of the financial status of the organisation and any challenges that the company may be facing.

Management training courses for improving Organisational Behaviour: Customized training courses can also help to increase awareness about the appropriate organisational skills and behaviour; this in turn can improve team dynamics and prepare employees for future leadership roles, eliminating the need to fill in higher managerial posts through outside candidature.

Management training courses for job specific skills: Instead of hiring new workforce or even increasing the workforce to handle specific job skills; the existing staff can be trained to handle various tasks through the right type of training.

Management training courses for stress relief: In current economic scenario with rampant layoffs, work related stress is at an all time high; this can lead to poor performance and lower morale. Fortunately, a lot of these concerns can be addressed through stress relief training programs. Also, it is very heartening for the employees to know that the organisation cares for them; this automatically helps to boost their spirits.

The benefits of management training courses:

The economic wheels are slowly turning around once again and things are finally looking up for most companies. This has once again empowered employees who now have more job offers than they did a year ago. Add to this the fact that a lot of employees are seething at the unfair way in which the organisation treated them and it’s easy to see why many disgruntled workers could soon be walking out in their quest for pastures greener. A good way to undo the negativity is to invest in employee development; this will not only prepare the company for the economic uptrend in the future but will also help to keep attrition rates low.

Training programs help in the creation of an effective organisation where employees are more attuned to customer requirements. Through training interventions, you can help your employees to better gauge the needs of your customers and devise strategies to meet these requirements. These programs help to design a quality delivery process where each team of employees accurately identifies the external or internal customers that they serve; identify structured problem solving solutions and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Thus, business training courses help in the overall growth of the company by enhancing employee engagement. The tools and the structures introduced into the company’s culture through business training courses help the employees to buy in to their work positions and motivate them to success.

Management training courses are the perfect way for the management to show its employees that they reciprocate the feeling of loyalty that was hitherto only expected from their staff.

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By Fiona Paulley. Find out more about business training courses on the Thales website.