Are you tired of struggling to get clients who pay you what you’re worth? The following tips to help your small business marketing efforts can help you fulfill your financial and creative dreams.
If you’re selling time or using the old “dollars for hours” model, it’s no wonder you’re struggling to get clients who pay you what you’re worth. This rule applies whether you’re a coach, healing professional such as a massage therapist or Reiki practitioner, a tutor, or offering services such as copywriting.

The first step to stop the struggle and truly help your small business marketing efforts is to first know what your time and expertise is really worth and own it. If you feel uncomfortable about quoting the price you deserve for your services, your prospect will pick up on this. Then your potential client will try to haggle over the price, question your credentials and expertise or possibly not hire you at all.

Next, focus on the results you give your clients rather than the process you go through. When you sell your services by the hour, you place a ceiling on your income. However, if you focus on the outcome you and your potential client will be much more comfortable with the price you deserve. For example, instead of selling four hours of coaching sessions sell a program entitled “Get More Clients This Month” where you show your client exactly what to do to get more clients during those four hours of coaching. This will not only help your small business marketing efforts, but also amp up your ability to ask for the rates you deserve. This step will make your clients much more excited to invest that money for their desired outcome.

Also, consider how much it is worth to a small business owner to learn the ins and outs of marketing or sales. How much more money will he make not just immediately, but over his entire lifetime by learning and using your expertise?

If you’ve switched from a time-focused to an outcome-focused service model and still struggle to get clients to happily pay what you’re worth, you’re either repelling prosperity or marketing to people who simply cannot pay your fees. Negative beliefs around money are usually harder to remedy, but you can do so with a devoted mindset toward change as well as the help of motivational speakers, coaching and therapy.

Marketing to financially challenged groups, such as unemployed people, will not help your small business marketing efforts and will likely sink your sales. So, help your small business marketing efforts by targeting people who want to change careers or those who own somewhat successful businesses. With enough planning and creativity, you can end the struggle to get clients who happily pay you what you are worth.

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Stephanie Mojica, a marketing consultant and coach, has worked side-by-side with executives at prestigious companies, including NBC, CBS, the "Dr. Phil" show, "Inside Edition," Columbia Pictures, and Harvard University. To learn more about Stephanie and her life-changing programs, visit