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Congratulations! You did it, you finally bought the large flat-screen television, which is really going change the way you binge on Netflix and watch sports…or at least it will just as soon as you get it mounted on the wall. Well, when you call a flat screen TV Installation NYC service provider to install your TV, there are a few things you need to know that you get quality service from a professional technician.

What type of mount bracket do you want?

A tilting mount will hold your TV flat against the wall, but if you’re going to mount your flat-screen TV high up on the wall over a fireplace than downward tilting is great. An articulating mount means your Tv will be on a retractable arm that allows homeowners to pull it away from the wall and swivel it, which is great for a room that has a few viewing locations.

What’s going to be connected to the TV?

The second thing, you need to figure out before flat screen TV Installation NYC what needs to be connected to the TV? A cable box? Blu-ray player? Gaming console? This all information is important to give to the person doing the installation at your home so that he will plan to bring many videos or HDML cables and also discuss storage options with you.

What kinds of walls you have?

Whether or not you have drywall, stone or brick will impact how and where the TV is hung, especially if you want to conceal the wires or cords which us to….

Where do you want your TV on the wall?

Your flat screen installer will help you out in this, but your comfort while watching tv is something you need to consider. Do you like sitting in the front row at the theatre for movies? Probably not, which means you also don’t want to be staring up at your TV all the time. Here, a tilting mount is the perfect option to choose from.

What additional services you’ll get during installation?

Depending on the type of installation you want, you may want additional services from the installer too. For example, if you are having TV wall-mounted, you also want TV cables to be concealed behind the wall. Some providers will charge you an additional fee while doing your TV installation. Sometimes clients also ask to install surround sound speakers with their television installation.

How long will my installation take?

Depending on what type of TV installation service you’re choosing, installation times can vary. You make sure you have enough time from your daily schedule to allow for the full installation process. Call ahead to service providers and ask for a general timeframe on the type of installation you’re interested in.

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