Today, Dotnet is at the helm of affairs of application development. Introduced by none other than Microsoft, Dotnet is arguably the most popular development framework. It can support some of the most high-end, robust, scalable, and flexible systems and applications.

Due to this popularity, Dotnet development companies have mushroomed all over the place. And most of them offer the so-called "competitive rates". But is cost savings the only thing that matters when outsourcing Dotnet application development? Not really! Then what other aspects you should take into consideration when hiring Dotnet developers?

Solution Centric Approach

Look for Dotnet developers who have solution centric approach. They should not limit themselves to just coding and programming the application. Their responsibilities should extend far beyond that. They should don the hats of technology consultants and ensure a successful solution delivery.

Custom Application Development

Your business is unique and so are its needs. Offering you an off-the-shelf product for the sake of it is easy. What is difficult is developing custom features and capabilities for your application. Look to hire Dotnet programmers who can undertake custom development for you. This way you can have a Dotnet application that is tailor-made to best address your business needs.

Development Based on Requirement Understanding

It is important that your offshore Dotnet programmer understands your requirement before he starts coding. He should take the time to understand what exactly you need and then look to achieve it. Half baked bread and incomplete knowledge never serve their purpose!

Project Management

The biggest difference between a Dotnet application development company and a freelancer is processes. Hire Dotnet developers from a company who has systematic and transparent project management in place. They should follow a step-by-step development process with established milestones. They should provide feature lists, mockups, prototypes, online demos, and technical support. Along with this, they should have periodic reporting system in place.

Isolated Development

Your development team should develop and test your application in an isolated environment, preferably a firewall protected virtualized server. This will limit the exposure of your project specifications. You can then pass your application through multiple worst case scenarios to test its stability and ability to handle large data volume.

Security of Assets

When you hire offshore Dotnet development team, take a good look at their security procedures. The offshore team will be working with and around some of your digital assets and intellectual property. You might even share some critical business info. Make sure that whatever you share is safe and secure. And always ask for the source code of your application. A genuine company would not hesitate in handing over the source code after the development is done.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Your outsourcing vendor should have a well-defined disaster recovery plan in place. It should take regular backups of development environments, code, database, and documents. It should store enterprise level back up in offsite location for risk mitigation.

Contractual Terms

It's pretty obvious that you would verify the technical expertise and experience of your Dotnet developer. But take a look at his employment contract as well. Your developer should not bailout midway on you. He should be committed for a minimum period to the company. He should also be tied down by confidentiality contract so that he does not solicit or poach your project specifications for personal gain.

It goes without saying that you look for a Dotnet application development company that is adequately accredited. Always look for prestigious Microsoft Certified Gold Partner Company. Radix is one such company that has good credentials to its name. We are Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, Adobe Solution Partner, D&B Registered, and ISO Certified for quality. Our Dotnet development portfolio is available at

So don't just look to hire a freelance Dotnet programmer. They might save you cost. But there is more to business than just cost savings. You need reliability, quality, and more importantly support. You can get all that with Radix.

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Jeorge Martin is working as a Sr. Dotnet Developer in well-known Offshore DotNet Development Company in India which offers Custom DotNet Development Services at affordable cost.