Hiring the right garage epoxy flooring in tampa contractor for your home improvements or any building work is essential to the success of your project. It is better to take time out in the beginning to find the right expert rather than finding out in the middle of a project or even worse, finding out after completion that the standard of the work was inadequate.

Many times, a consumer will go for the 'cowboy' contractor who promises outstanding work at low cost and fast completion period. Most of them advertise by pasting signs on light poles or drive around in trucks offering their services to consumers at low cost.

The risks in hiring these kinds of professionals are many. First and foremost, they are not licensed so there is no way to do a background check on them. The consumer has no avenue to place a complaint against the company for defective works or unethical conduct.

Secondly, these guys do not carry workmen's compensation insurance or liability insurance. This means that a consumer will not be able to claim for defective work and further, should anyone on the property be injured during the progress of the work, in the absence of liability insurance, there is no way to protect the consumer from being sued.

An epoxy garage flooring contractor cannot provide a warranty for the work and the consumer takes the risk of losing their advance payment because once he has received payment, he can disappear without doing the work. All of the above can create a financial loss for the consumer as well as risk being sued and going over budget in having to correct defective work.

Here are a few tips on how to avoid all that and find the right company:

1. Take the time to do the research. It is very important to find the right professional who is licensed, reliable and experienced with a proven track record. This can easily be done by contacting the California Contractor's Board or visiting their website and typing in the name of the contracting company. This will give you all the information you need about the company.

2. A licensed professional carries a bond which, if the work is done is defective, enables the consumer to place a complaint with the California Contractor's Board and claim for compensation against the bond.

3. A licensed expert also carries workmen's compensation insurance and liability insurance which protects the consumer from losing their money or being sued by a third party.

4. A licensed company also provides a warranty for the completed work.

By hiring a licensed contractor, the immediate cost may be high but this proves not to be the case in the long run because of the benefits and protection provided to the consumer who is able to adhere to his budget and have peace of mind.

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