If you are very new at golfing, you should gain some knowledge of how to hit a driver at the first stage. It's the first shot on any match. So, it is always important to hit the driver in a very favorable way.

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Well, that’s why we are here! In here, you will know all detailed info and tips regarding “how to hit a driver for beginners”. Keep reading this and you'll be able to hit driver like a pro.

Why driver is necessary and when to use

As first you must know the basics of a driver. Drivers are mainly designed for very long shots. It has the lowest loft of any club in your bag. That’s why it is used in the very first shot so you may send the ball in such a long distance.

The driver is also known as the 1 wood and is the longest club in your bag. Drivers are one of the most important clubs.

Hitting with driver

Now for the most important part, how to hit a golf driver for beginners. Let’s discuss it in steps.

Step 1: Posture

Standing with correct posture is one of the fundamentals keys for a successful shot. You may have read or get to know various confused and complex postures. Well, don’t get nervous! Here is the simplest stand position.

First, take an alignment stick or another golf club from your bag. Lay it between you and the ball pointing to the hole. Now stand parallel with that stick. Spread your leg a little wider than your shoulder. The driver is the longest club, so you need to create a wide stance to swing.

Now if you are a right-handed person, put your left leg just a bit back. Do it in vice versa if you are left-handed.

Step 2: Position with the ball

This is another important and yet conflicted part. But we always recommend keeping the ball's position between the middle of the hole-sided leg and the first quarter of it. It will help you to hit much harder. This will also reduce the slicing off the ball in the air.

Step 3: Tee up the ball

The driver is always a tee-shot. So you must position the tee in the right height to have a successful hit. The sweetest spot of a driver is the very center and above it. It will reduce the spinning of the ball and make it fly much further.

So, tee up the ball between the center and center-above part of your driver’s hitting base.

Step 4: Arc your body

Successful and effective hitting mostly depends on the correct body-arcing. As a beginner, you may found it a little uncomfortable, but practicing will surely overcome this.

However, it is very important to not tighten your hips, shoulder and hands. Let these parts of your body go far back. Try to bend your body in reverse as much you can (around your hands are above or cross the top of your head position).

Step 5: Hitting

Now if you are all set. Try to hit the ball will a swift swing. Push all your energy on the hitting zone of the driver.

Step 6: Don’t stop after hitting

Most beginners do this mistakes. Never tighten your body or try to stop as soon as the driver hits. Freely let your body swing front. Remember, tightening the body immediately after the hitting may give you a painful injury. especially on your shoulders and neck.


• Keep practice with driver for excellent hits.
• For tee up, never tee up very high. Otherwise, the driver will hit by its top-edge and the ball will just spin and jump around a couple of feet away.
• Try to minimize backspins at the primary stage of learning.
• The gap between you and the ball should be according to your height and suitable position.
• As a beginner, use a driver that has a loft between 8 and 12 degrees.
• You can practice with golf launch monitors to track and improve your performance.


Golf is a very fun game if you can play it well enough. But for becoming a pro player, you must know how to hit a golf driver for beginners. Cause, as we mentioned, it is the first and one of the most important hits that you make in a match. In some cases, the driver-shots can decide your position in the game.

So, make sure you have read all instructions and tips for hitting the driver. Keep practicing and hope these instructions and tips will help you become a pro golfer one day. Best wishes to you!

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.